Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


18. Retelling Of The Encounter

“Sky?” Ari say bringing her mind back into focus.

“Oh sorry…. Erm… I woke up in a bed… I didn’t know where I was… some people with white coats came in… with  - with a gun…. But I knocked them down and ran out… then there were more of them outside…… but… but then Rachel came out…. she said I could find out who I was… but I didn’t want to listen to her……. And then………. It was weird……” Sky says thinking to herself. She can fly. But how can she fly? It’s impossible.


“I flew” Ari smiles to himself.

“Finally, I was waiting for this day to come”


“You are becoming stronger, you have powers, and you need to use them, the sooner you find the dagger the better”

“The mountain… what about the mountain?”

“Fly there, it will be quicker, we will wait here for you”

 “What if its not there?”

“You don’t know if you haven’t looked, go, fly” Sky then jumps out of the window, and lands straight in a bush. Ari comes around to see her. “So… you can fly?” Sky spits out some grass.

 “Well… I did before”

“Hmm, how did you do it?”

 “I… I felt angry, like… I dunno… something clicked inside of me, and I did it”

“Then you need to feel angry then”

 “Hmm” Sky closes her eyes, takes a deep breath in, and thinks of Rachel. The very thought of Rachel makes her blood boil and teeth clench. She opens her eyes again and finds herself face to face with a tree top. She looks down and sees Ari.

 “Not that hard is it?”


 “Go we will not move from here” then, Sky throws her arms in front of her, and she flies off. Within seconds, she will know whether or not the dagger will be at the mountain top.

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