Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


12. Meeting The Enemy

“Fang” Ari growls.

“Ari… my brother… how are you?” Fang asks. He has a scar by his left eye. Both packs are snarling at each other.

“Brother?” Sky blurts. Fang starts at Sky, but Ari jumps in front of him.

“Humans. Why Ari?"

“She’s no ordinary human, she’s immortal” Fang freezes for a second, and then glances at Sky.

“This is the girl?”

“Yes. We are heading up the mountain to find the dagger and put it back where it rightfully belongs” Fang glances back at Ari.

 “It is not there Ari. Humans came and took it. They shot two members of my pack”

 “What? Who?”

 “There were five women. They had guns. They flew down”


 “Yes. In a flying device. Then ran down the mountain”

 “If they flew… why did they run down the mountain? It makes no sense”

“I don’t know… but I heard something about… Sky…”

 “Rachel” Sky says. All eyes on fall on Sky. “It has to be Rachel. There looking for me”

 “You’re Sky?”

 “Yeah. They have to be looking for me… they have the dagger, now they want me”

 “Ari. I am ready to fight. Let me join your pack”

 “How do I know if I can trust you?” Ari asks.

 “I wanted to apologise after I ran away. I was wrong to rebel. You are stronger and wiser that me Ari. I’m sorry” Ari looks at the pack.

 “Where is Jai?”

 “Dead. He died protecting me” Anger flares in Ari’s heart.

 “We will join. And we will fight. And we will win”

 “Thank you brother” so they turn around, and start heading down the mountain with their heads held high.

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