Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


21. Lantern Lake

Jogging over to her den under the lake she looks at the sun set. Ari follows closely behind her.

“What are you doing?” Ari asks Sky.

 “It’s time” she says staring at the sunset.

 “I know… you’ve mentioned already” she opens up the door and jumps down.

 “Watch this” Sky glows at Ari.

 “Hm” Ari is curious, what is she up to? Under the lake Sky searches for a rock.

 “Come on” Sky rips away dirt looking for it. “A-ha” The rock. It is etched into the shape of the dagger. “Here we go” taking the dagger she puts it into the rock… and directly under the lake facing upwards. Sky jumps out, and sees it. The whole lake has turned emerald green, looking up they see it glows in the sunset.

 “See” Sky smiles.

“It’s beautiful”

 “That is where it belongs; you can drink from the lake now” Lee, one of Ari’s pack goes up to the lake and drinks some water.

 “It’s safe” he says, and some of the other pack members walk up to the lake and drink.

 “Well Sky, you’ve done it… but what about the humans?” Ari asks her.

 “I won’t have to worry about them. No humans will come near the lake, their to scared” Sky says smiling, and sits down.

 “Of what?”


 “Ah, so what are you going to do?”

 “Live here, this is the place for me, it always has been”

 “Hmm, alright…” they watch the sky as the sun sets, and the sky is emerald green and black. The sky is exquisite. Now, Sky has no more problems, all she has to do is lie back and enjoy the sky. Just like the old times. She will live the rest of her live here at Lantern Lake.

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