Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


1. Lantern Lake

Midnight. Clear sky. Stars glowing, wolves howling and owls calling. Pine trees surround the lake acting as soldiers to protect its water. The treacherous wind shrieks through the trees and bushes sending leaves into mini hurricanes around the area. Massive ripples are sent into the water bringing in anything that lies at its edge. Eagles circle the lake watching, waiting for anything to come into view to swoop down and catch. Snakes slither in the long grass searching for its prey to leap on, and sink its teeth into. Wolves hide in the bushes, their yellow beady eyes darting around looking for anything moving and alive to pounce on and rip to pieces.  

Near the lake a young girl kneels down at the waters edge unaware of the dangers around her. A snake starts to edge near her moving quietly in the long grass. The girl has a mysterious look about her. Short dark hair wrapped back in a tight ponytail revealing dark eyes, blood and bruises. A large slit just under the left arm reveals an open cut just above the ribs. Three slits across the middle, it’s obvious she has been attacked. But by what? An eagle? A wolf? Her jeans have been torn in several places; the right kneecap hangs by a thread. Immediately she looks down at the snake coiled, ready to leap at her. It bares its teeth and rattles its tail ferociously. In a split second it jumps into the air, and the girl grabs its head with one hand, and the tail with the other.

Rattlesnake. It struggles and writhes in her grip. Carefully, she kneels down, and then slams her foot on its head sending guts and blood flying everywhere. After kicking the head into the long grass, she dips the body into the water, washing out the guts and blood. This is my tea, she thinks to herself.Yum.After washing it out she peels the skin off revealing a slimy, rubbery substance….. and wolfs it down.Tastes like chicken.It gives her a warm heart filling sensation. Maybe there’s more. Setting off through the long grass she searches for more snakes. Twigs snap under her feet as she walks and the hope of finding another rattlesnake is very high.

I hope there are no anacondas out here, or I’d be dead for sure she thinks. A soft low growl can be heard behind her. Suddenly the air around her grows cold, her heart drops below her stomach, her mouth turns dry and her eyes have widened in their sockets. She has now lost her appetite. Very slowly and carefully she looks over her right shoulder to see what is there. Then into view, she can see it. A grey wolf. Teeth bearing, eyes watching her, it prepares itself to leap.  

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