Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


10. Journey Up The Mountain

As they walk up the mountain Sky grows more paranoid. Vultures circle above glaring at Sky. Snakes slither near by her feet hissing. Creatures are in the trees eyeing her every move. Sky tenses her muscles and curls her fingers into fists. Ari leads the pack fearlessly.

“Ari” Sky whispers. Ari stops, and turns to her.

“Yes?” he asks.

“I’m scared”

“Of what?”

“Everything, I’m gonna die”

“No your not, I am here to protect you”

“You say that now… but what if a vulture comes down and attacks me!”

“It wont, I have told you before, I will let nothing hurt you, and I would die for you… you have nothing to worry about…”

“Good” that makes Sky feel a bit better. She loosens her fists and puts her hands by her side.

“I will walk by you” Sky gives a weak smile and they carry on. As the sun sets Sky, Ari and the pack grow more tired and start to slow down. Night is upon them and they come to a stop. 

“We will stay here for the night, Sky, sleep in that tree”

“Erm… okay” Sky says warily. Without another word Sky jumps on the branch leaning against the bark. She looks at the surroundings.

“You need to sleep… Nix, Kai, Lee, take turns to watch, the rest of us will sleep” Sky looks at the view. The trees travel on for miles and the moon can be seen gleaming in the lake. Stars glow in the sky and the vultures disappear one by one. Sky can’t keep her eyes open any longer, and falls asleep. 

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