Behind The Gate

A gate. A padlock. No key. No one knows what is behind the gate. Do they want to find out? Who knows. What will happen if they find out? Who knows. But one girl decided to see for herself. And then her life is turned around..


4. The Witches of Hyna

Witches? In a forest? How strange... Feeling curious I edge forward to try and see what is going on. All I can see is trees, bushes and more trees. This really isn't helping at all, the branches sticking out make it difficult to see further on. Watching where I am going I edge forward into the tree ahead of me, trying not to make a sound. Getting closer I can see what is there.

People.... I mean the witches are sitting in a circle surrounding a blazing fire in the middle of them; some are holding sticks out to the fire. They are all blonde women with the same facial features, sharp nose, small ears, and a wicked smile. Some have their hair down, and some have their hair tied up, the hair length on each of them differs. Some have it to their chins, some have it to their hips and some have it to their shoulders.  It's like a clone of the same person but different features.... Strange

This is just too weird. It's like I've jumped into another world. I must find out what is going on, now I can tell everyone I have seen witches. But... they wont believe me, witches were extinct millions of years ago, right? Leaning further forward I see cabins behind them. I guess that they live there. SNAP! I land straight on my front. They all turn around and see me. Oh crap. My heart drops into my stomach again. Some of them race over to me. Staring at the ground I hope for it to swallow me up. They come down to my level, I feel there witchyness surround the air.

"Queen Hyna" one says in a shocked tone. What? Who? "Let us help you up" they pull me up. "Your bleeding, let us clean you up" I'm speechless. Queen Hyna? Do they think I am a Queen? I'm to frozen with fear to say anything. Trees surround the area, now I can see the wooden cabins. There must be about 50 of them one behind the other. Wow. They sit me in the middle of the circle. All eyes are now watching me, there are too many of them to count. I look around the circle; all the faces are the same. This is just too weird.

"My Queen, what is wrong?" one asks touching my shoulder. There's that word again, Queen. I'm not a Queen. No. I can't do this anymore. I find myself automatically standing up and look where I fell. "Where are you going?" they have the same tone. The same high pitch nice tone.

"Home" I say quickly.

"Home? Where do you live?" I open my mouth again but nothing comes out. I point to where I fell. "But... there's nothing there. There's just trees" I shake my head and walk towards the patch.  The four of them follow me. "You live...... in a tree?"

"No..... house"

"A house? Where.......?"

"That.... Way"

"But there's nothing here, this has been blocked off for years, there's just trees and bushes" another says..... In the same tone. I have to go.

"Please sit down" another says and turns me around and starts to walk me. "You're bleeding, we must treat you"

"No.... I have to go - "all of a sudden whiteness covers the sky above us. There is a patch of white, I look up. People, with wings, men and women, wearing white clothes. Is that possible?

"Fly away!" the witches yell. The breath is knocked out of my chest and I find myself being pulled into a tree. Hang on a minute, these witches can fly?

"Err - " I say, but a hand is clapped on my mouth. We are well hidden in the trees, and are watching these creatures below us. What are they? All I can guess is that they are people with wings.... And for some reason in white clothes.

"Kai! Get the tracking device!" a woman yells with long black hair draping behind her shoulders. Then a man, with brown spiky hair, gets a device out and points it. I can see a red dot; it beeps as he moves it.

"There!" he yells, pointing it right at my chest. Fear slaps me in the face. Then, the witches let go of me and I land on my front in a bush. Oh crap.

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