Behind The Gate

A gate. A padlock. No key. No one knows what is behind the gate. Do they want to find out? Who knows. What will happen if they find out? Who knows. But one girl decided to see for herself. And then her life is turned around..


15. The Queen's Palace

Now, its time to find this key and go home. I jump onto the deck and look around for a ladder. 

"Erm... how do I get down?" I ask. 

"Ladder miss," Tyler says pointing down to the side of the ship. "After you" 

"Oh... thank you," I climb down the ladders, then onto the beach to wait. I turn to see Tyler right behind me and I jump. "Oh God" 

"Sorry Miss" Tyler then runs in front of me. I look back around and see the forest. The palace is in sight, and my hope of returning home is also in sight. But is the key even in the palace? Will it be a waste of a journey? The only way of finding out will be to go in. 

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