Behind The Gate

A gate. A padlock. No key. No one knows what is behind the gate. Do they want to find out? Who knows. What will happen if they find out? Who knows. But one girl decided to see for herself. And then her life is turned around..


6. The Queen of Hyna

Opening my eyes I find myself staring at a white ceiling. It's 10:30, and this is a rather comfortable bed. I swing my legs on the ground and rub my head. Today is going to be a long day, and I hope to go back home. I head to the bathroom and clean myself up. Then I sit on the bed and think about how I will get out. Well there is the window, I might as well - the door opens sending a cold draught in, it's Skye and Jess. The smell of bacon and coffee enters the room making my stomach growl.

"Good morning" Skye says smiling. These people.... Or angels.... Are really happy, it makes me smile.

"Morning" I say smiling back.

"Are you hungry?"


"Come with us" they take me right into a dining room. Four long glass tables stretch from one end to the other, the white walls are covered of people of their kind and the floors have white tiles on them. It's just beautiful. I am seated at the second table from the right and in front of a plate and glass of orange juice. Two sausages, two greasy slices of bacon, two hash browns, fried mushrooms, fried bread and toast. My favourite breakfast. I cant help but glare in amazement at it. It's like they read my mind while I was sleeping.

"Eat" Skye orders me. I don't see why not. It's not like they've poisoned it, these people think I'm their Queen. I dive in without another word. "We have much to talk about today. I - we have we been thinking about how you got here - I mean there was nothing near that patch where you came from. Did you fall out of the sky?" a bit if mushroom then gets stuck in my throat. I quickly cough it up before I choke on it.

"Err.... No" I say in a confused tone.

"Well... how did you get here?"

"I walked"

"From where?"

"A gate" everyone stops what they are doing and glass smashes on the floor. I look around and see that everyone is looking at me. The only think that can be heard is me swallowing a bit of bacon. That's how quiet it is. I quietly put the knife and fork down and look at Skye.

"A gate?" Skye asks in amazement.

"Yeah" I say making eye contact for the first time. Her blue eyes glisten in the bright light and she leans forward at me.

"Where is it? You must show us"

"... must I?"

"Yes. You can ride with me and Jess. Cat, get the rest of the group and meet us outside ASAP"

"Got it" Cat says then jumps up from her seat. Skye and Jess grab my arms and rush me outside. I didn't finish the rest of my breakfast. Then I turn back, and realise that I am hovering 50 foot from the ground.

"Ahh!" I yelp.

"It's ok, we've got you" Skye says flying slowly. The forest below us is massive. All we can see is trees, trees and more trees. Nothing can be seen for miles. I will hopefully find the gate and go back home. I just need to find it first.

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