Behind The Gate

A gate. A padlock. No key. No one knows what is behind the gate. Do they want to find out? Who knows. What will happen if they find out? Who knows. But one girl decided to see for herself. And then her life is turned around..


21. The Police

"Rachel!" Laura yells and runs over to me. "What happened darling?" she puts her hands on my shoulders and looks at me. 

"I came from the gate... they were right behind me... Jess and Skye... they were angels.. and there was pirates, dinosaurs... and mermaids!... and..." I stammer. 

"Hey, okay darling... come with me" she takes my hand and leads me to the back door and I get in. "I'm going to take you back to mine so I'll clean you up and you can get a shower okay?" 

"Erm... okay... but I saw so many things Laura I - "

"Okay Rachel honey, tell me when we get back alright?"

"Oh... erm... okay" 

"Good girl" I stare out of the window and we sit in silence. 


We arrive at Laura's five minutes later. She opens the door and lets me out. She fumbles for her key and we go inside. 

"Okay darling go get a shower" she says. 

"But - " I stutter.

"Get a shower Rachel"

"... okay" I do as she says and run upstairs. I don't want to cross her, I don't like being on her bad side. 

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