Behind The Gate

A gate. A padlock. No key. No one knows what is behind the gate. Do they want to find out? Who knows. What will happen if they find out? Who knows. But one girl decided to see for herself. And then her life is turned around..


14. Sailing North

I've decided, I'm going to go along with this. I ate a whole chicken to myself, and plan to eat this chocolate cheesecake. Never in my whole life I have felt as hungry as this.

"If you don't mind me asking... how did you get here?" the captain asks. I stop eating, it feels like weeks ago since I came here, when in fact it has only been days.

"I firstly met some weird... witches.... who all looked the same.... then some human.... angels with wings came around and took me away. They took me to their place... it was beautiful. I didn't stay, I ran away..........................." I pause again, and start on some cheesecake.

"Haha, that rhymes" Tyler says, but Stevens hits him around the head. "Sorry"

"Then I tried to find the gate back home.............. but it didn't work, and I met some mermaids.... all different colours.... I ran away from them....... then bumped into the dinosaurs.... and now I'm here"

"That's an interesting story... you said about a gate, what gate?"

"Well... that's how I got here" and look up, they all glance at each other.

"You found the gate to the otherside"

"What?" now he has me confused, no change there then.

"That's the gate to the otherside. The real world, and we know where the key is. It's in your palace"


"Yes. And that's where we're heading, it's taken us five days and now we're nearly there, and the two worlds will be connected, once and for all" he gives me a smile. Hope is now in sight, and hope just now put a smile on my face. The ship comes to a sudden stop. "Oh, we must be here, after you my Queen"

"Brilliant" I throw the doors open, and see land. A forest ahead of me, and a white palace in the middle of it. "Excellent" 

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