Behind The Gate

A gate. A padlock. No key. No one knows what is behind the gate. Do they want to find out? Who knows. What will happen if they find out? Who knows. But one girl decided to see for herself. And then her life is turned around..


7. Back To The Gate

We are here. I am placed carefully on the ground and I race to the patch. It's gone. I made a clear gap making it visible, and now it is gone. This can't be right. I remember making it. I look around frantically hoping to see a random patch jump out at me. There isn't one anywhere. Oh God.

"What's wrong?" Skye asks walking towards me.

"It's not here" I say looking around the area.

"What isn't?"

"A patch. Right here. This is where I fell........... and the witches were here  - "

"The witches?"

"Yeah" they all look at each other gobsmacked. "Why?"

"The witches are our enemies. We don't want anything to do with them anymore. When you left we never talked to them again, we couldn't trust them" there is an awkward pause. I don't know how to tell them I'm not their Queen.

"Ok" is all I can say.

"So where is this gate?" now we're talking the same language.

"Follow me" and I set through the trees. They follow me. Now I feel like home is on the horizon line. I push bushes out the way so I can see where I am going. This is more covered than I remember. Many twigs and branches snap under our feet.

"How long did it take you to get here?" Cat asks.

"Err..... I don't remember. It took a while though"

"Approximately how long?"

"... an hour" I don't know. My phone died as soon as I got over the gate. All I have is my watch. It's now 12.30. I'm usually hungry by this time. That breakfast will keep me full for at least an hour and a half now, maybe more. More trees and no bushes. My hope of returning home is now fading. I come to a stop. A path should be here. I look around.... Just trees, bushes and more trees. This isn't helping.

"What's wrong?" Jess asks.

"There should be a path here" I say hoping for a path to jump out in front of me.

"A path?"

"Yes. A path" I grit my teeth. I'm angry now. I look at the tree on the right of me. That's it, I'm climbing it. I quickly jump up it ripping some of my jean off. More trees ahead, and no sign of a gate. It's like Narnia but with a gate. I stare at the cloudless sky. My heart feels empty, there is no hope of going home now.

"Are you ok?" Skye asks hovering on my right. I make eye contact with her.


"Let's just go back and we'll talk about this"

"Yeah" then Sky and Cat take my hands, and we fly back. Landing in front of the doors I manage to trip over some long grass. We walk back in, no one is here unlike last night. I walk back to the room where I slept, and fall on the bed, and look up at the ceiling. What am I going to do? All I want to do is go home. I cant find the gate. I don't believe it. I remember everything, where the gate was and how I got here. It seems to have disappeared. All these thoughts make me sleepy. I drift off into a deep sleep.

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