The city of Aeho is dictated by a young and self-obssessed tyrant, known as Iona. War and destruction reigns. Suffering increases as a thirteen year old decides to speak against Iona. After the murder of her sister, she vows to take revenge. Finding an exiled boy, she plots with him. But Iona's not the only one controlled by darkness. Who can she trust?


1. Prologue

"Iona." a voice sounded smoothly in my head. "I need to talk to you. Now, my little princess. Remember the plan.." he purrs seductively. 

"Aeran." I reply, my voice trembling slightly. "I- I wasn't expecting you to interrupt my thoughts."

A hint of disapproval enters his tone, "I noticed that. How is your father? Is the plan succeeding?"

I bow my head, knowing how furious Aeran will be, I stutter "I.. I- I'm not sure I have the power to perform the task, master."

"That's not good enough!" he hisses threateningly, "I need your undivided loyalty, de Ru. I need to be able to trust you to do what is needed of you. You will kill him or I shall dispose of you. " 

How dare he use my surname? That belonged to me when I was a foolish child, I was nothing like my father. I spit at him, "You have my loyalty for as long as I live, Aeran. But don't you fucking ever use my father's name again."

"So when you die, who will you worship? I guess that you expect to be sent to a place of happiness and love. News for you, my little princess, that's not happening. You will be mine forever!"

I can feel myself tremble all over, carrying on long after his malicious hiss fades away. I got myself into this, I have to go through with it. There's no going back.  


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