A girl wakes up on a rock in the middle of a desert. On her left is the mountains, and on her right is mist. Which side does she take? And what will she find at the end of her journey?


4. Mountains

I finally reach the mountains. I look up to see them go up for miles. I can't see past the clouds. Ahead of me, is a path and it travels ahead into the middle of two mountains. I look back to see the mist catching up slowly. The feeling of someone watching has passed over. 

Curiosity gets the better of me. Without another thought, I walk ahead to the path and in between the mountains. It curves around to the right, and then the left. As I walk around the corner, a bridge comes into sight. A rope bridge. A rope swinging bridge. A rope swinging bridge that looks like it could snap in half any minute. 

The bridge is over a valley. I look down and see water. I listen out to see if I can hear anything, and I can hear growling. I know that isn't a good sign. In the distance I can hear a faint snapping of jaws. Sounds like alligators to me. As for the growling? God only knows. 

It looks like I have no other choice, the answers are over this rope bridge.

"Oh bloody hell" I say to myself. I take a deep breath in, and step onto the bridge. 

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