The End Of The Days

Revelations tells use the ends of the days will be terrible in every way, so lets experiment for a moment and see how Sammy copes with the return of god. she is the final generation destined to meet there maker. will she ever make it through the eye of the needle. read on my friends for your time is Nye.


4. The Truth

Sammy and James were walking down a street past many smashed shop windows.

'Where is everybody?' Sammy asked.

I think they are in hiding because of the living dead thing, can not blame them James said as he looked at his watch.

they turned a corner and walked straight into a victor holding leaflets.

'Hello my children.' he said as he pushed a leaflet in front of there faces.

'So nice to see two living souls at last.' he said as he rummaged about in his bag.

'Take this he said and don't tell anybody else I have given you this.'

He got closer and Spock quietly. 

'You must get yourselves to London, there is a mass of people leaving Earth for Mars. space ships have been developed in secret for many years now. you need to get to Oxford street. this leaflet has the address. Go quickly its your only chance. buses are being put on to transport people to the space shuttles. dont worry about a thing my children God will save you.'

James eyed the leaflet suspiciously. 'Thank you.' he said as he moved on from him not wishing to seem rude but it was a bit far fetched he thought. they made there way to the road system and looked up at the signs.

'Two miles to Stoke-On-Trent.' James read. The roads were desolate to. they were all cracked and broken. As they walked on they could see a land rover parked up on the side of the road. they could here the engine was running.

'Can you drive?' Sammy asked him.

'Yes but I have not got my license and I don't have third party cover.'he said.

'Don't worry about that crap now.' she said. 'Just get in and take us back to gran dad.' she said. 'You can do that carn't you?' she asked him sadness evident in her eyes.

'I don't see how.' he said. 'We could be miles away and I dont have a map.'

'Just get in the car.' she shouted 'Come on.'

There was nobody around and the car was empty. they both jumped inside and James revved it up.

'Well then off we go.' he said as he turned the car around and headed down the hard shoulder.

'What's this.' Sammy said as she pointed at a screen in the middle of the dash board.

'That's a satellite  navigation system, but i dont expect it will be working.....hang on one minute yes there it is. They gave me the address of the camp. here type this in and see what it does.'

Sammy typed quickly and the melodious voice of the sat nav filled the car.

'left at the next junction.'it said.

'It says we are seven miles away.' Sammy said.

'OK hang on then I think we are due for a bit of off roading here.'

They turned of the road and headed through a corn field while the sat nav calculated there rout and asked them to take a u turn at the next junction.

They were back on the road again now and heading for the camp. there was only four miles to go now but they kept slowing down because the living dead were all over the road and as they approached the next round about three of them flouted straight through the car and waved at them as they popped out the back of the land rover. it was very unnerving Sammy thought as she closed her eyes as another sailed through.

At last Sammy could see the entrance to the camp. standing at the edge of the fence was gran dad looking very lost.

'Gran dad.' she shouted

He looked up with a startled expression on his face

'Sammy.' he said 'were have you been, I thought you had been killed after the tornado struck. I have been praying all day. oh my Sammy.' he said as he hugged her.

'James its you.' he said 'well James you are a sight for sore eyes, you have looked after her well thank you.' he said.

'Theirs a mission to leave Earth gran dad, we need to get to London.' Sammy said.

'A what?' gran dad said

'Here look the leaflet.' she pushed it into his hand and he stared at it for some time.

'Who gave this to you?' he asked

'A vicar just out side Stock-On-Trent.' she said.

'We best go, Sammy get back in the car, were are not losing another group of Gods people. these false prophets have got to be stopped. nobody is leaving this planet if I have my way. God is coming soon, I can feel it in my bones and they need to be here to see him. Mars is not Earth and they should not leave. Gran dad said as he jumped into the car.

'Talley oho James.' he said. 'Lets get going.'

They began there journey in silence until James turned on the radio. There was the local news station reporting on world wide events as well as local problems. The reporter was saying.

the world wide leader today was acquiesced of being a quarter evil as possessed to his people who were voted a quarter good by a pole today.

more on the world wide news today. Two container ships carrying barrels of holy wine went to the wrong destinations today. The crew said they had radar problems from the beginning. One vessel ended up in a war torn zone and the other in the peaceful city of Rome. both countries were very pleased to except the wine.

now for the local new today. England this week has experienced both very cold weather and very hot weather because of the global warming posses the elements of the weather chart details this has been the weirdies weather since the beginning of time. also this week in England some people have found themselves to be both shy and brave as zoo animals were on the prowl. Colin Thirth has the report.

hello yes in am with the local community of Bedfordshire were people are out with pellet guns today. after reports of sightings of big cats in the area. The shy members stayed inside while the brave handled the daunting task of eliminating the animals. back over to you Sally, Colin out.

Well that's the end of the news today and we hope you are safe were ever you are good day from Sally Withers.

Sammy sat day dreaming in the back about barrels of wine and quarts of evil. then it started to all collide with the dream she had had about two nights ago. what was it again watch out for barrels, elements and cups. she could not believe it there was sense coming out of a dream how weird. she sat quietly not wanting to tell the others what she was thinking it was to strange. what did it all mean?

she thought o.k the universe works on opposites, there was two barrels, one peaceful destination and one war torn place and that was holy wine. then there was a cup of shyness and a cup of bravery. they were all happening with the laws of the universe. to dwell in a peaceful place you need balance Sammy concluded that you must be neither good nor evil but a bit of both.

'that's it.' she shouted 'be both to be at peace with in yourself.'

'sorry.' James said. gran dad was asleep.

'Nothing.' Sammy shouted back 'just thinking out load.'

OK she thought if that dream had meant something what about the other one with moons going red and horsemen riding back, what did all that mean? she thought. riddles and parables were not her thing. she did not know if she was getting it right in the first place. why me? she thought. Give somebody else these dreams, I am nobody special.

Just then a balloon slammed into the front window reading 'you are special'. it slid down the window and flew past.

Sammy jumped and stared out of the window in fear of what had just happened, was God reading her mind. did the angels know her every move. this was to strange for words. She stared out the window for many miles not trying to think any thing in case something happened again. The roads were getting busier now. there was four by fours all over the place dogging cracks in the roads. they had created there own road signal system. James had got the window down now and he was shouting at people and tooting his horn a lot. all down the road people were indicating past rubble and giving hand signals for others to pass. it was cayuse. as they started to approach London the traffic got worse. then out of now where the sun went black again but this time the moon was visible. then the moon started to turn a blood red. the light all around them was pure red. lots of people started to leave there cars. as they entered the red light they became wide eyed and evil with intent. they started to attack each other with out any prevarication. one man fell on to their bonnet and another lady came over and threw him onto the ground. her strength was amazing. she looked at James in the car with evil in  her eyes. James locked the doors and started to drive slowly forward. she moved out of the way and continued attacking people.

'They have all gone mad.' he said. 'This red light must affect them in some way.'

'Don't get out of the car Sammy.' gran dad said.

'Are you kidding, Im'e not going out there.' she said.

As they drove into London they could see many people just walking forward methodically there eyes focused on the moon like a moth around a flame they seemed drawn towards it. 'What do we do now?' Sammy asked.

'We go to Oxford street to stop those people leaving.'

'If they are any think like these people gran dad there will be nobody worth stopping, look at them they are pure cold blooded killers, they are nothing more than zombies.'

'I am sure this will wear off when the sun comes back out you see they will be fine.'

'I dont think so.' James said as he entered Oxford street and the problems became apparent. There was blood every where, the two remaining buses were pushed over and all the windows were broken. people were running around killing each other. loads of people were screaming as there limbs were removed from there bodies.

'boy this is grim.' James said.'I have watched loads of horror moves but this is fowl. look at that one he just took her arm off.'

'Don't give me a running commentary I can see it from here.' Sammy said as she closed her eyes for the fear was growing inside her. 'How much longer must we sit in darkness watching this fowl mess?' she asked.

Sammy looked out of her side window and she thought she saw a thin pale man riding on a white stallion. he seemed to glide over the people and as he did they all fell to the floor dead. Just then the sun returned and everything was filled with light once more.

James started the car again and drove out of the street

'I guess God did not want those ones ahh.' he said directly to Frank.

Frank looked away,

'we were to late that's all, to blood late to save them from there disbelief.'

'You honestly believe that don't you Frank. You really think those people could have been saved from that red moon, or what ever it was. Any way I think it was just evil and I dont want to get into it. now I say we go some where to get some thing to drink and I need a rest, I dont now if any body has notice bit i have been driving straight for about five hours. so I think a rest is in order. I wont take no for an answer and that's final.'








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