The End Of The Days

Revelations tells use the ends of the days will be terrible in every way, so lets experiment for a moment and see how Sammy copes with the return of god. she is the final generation destined to meet there maker. will she ever make it through the eye of the needle. read on my friends for your time is Nye.


3. Opposites

The sun was starting to go down and nobody knew what to do. all around them was large drops and craggy enclaves. Sammy looked up and gran dad and he looked up towards her. the expression on his face said every thing. Sammy knew they were going now where tonight. not with gran dads withered leg which made him lame.

Then there was a voice from the crowd. strong and deliberate. This person came to the fore and addressed the people.

'Its getting dark people, I think we need to move on. I am sure you all know me, I am the M.P for the Bridlington area. I am telling you know that we need to move before we lose sight and fall into these holes that have opened up bellow. I can see some solid ground over to the left there. if we walk slowly and concentrate we should make it before night fall. then we can find the army. God knows we could do with his support right know and I believe Jesus is with use on this, so follow me and I will see you right. Just remember to vote for me next time, only joking, lets get this show on the road.'

'Stay here.' gran dad whispered

James picked up his radio and it slipped from his grasp and rolled down the mountain into pieces.

'No!' he shouted 'what do we do know. i don't know whether to go with him or not.'

'People we must leave know, ready yourself.' The M.P said.

Frank leaned forward and whispered in James ear. Sammy could see jame's eyes widen slightly then he said.

'I think I will stay here with you two after all.'

'What did you say to him?' Sammy asked

'Never you mind Sammy.' gran dad said.

Sammy suddenly remembered the angel in her dream now and she wondered whether she should tell him. Just then a white light shot across her eyes and a word appeared in her minds eye, it was a very clear 'No!!'

blinded by the light Sammy sat down on a rock upon the new earth and meditated on her confusion. just what was happening to her right now. she could not understand why an angel would want to speak to her and why was it from her parents and the Lord Jesus. she was flummoxed really she was.

Just then something court her attention in the distance. it was the out line of a large black cat and it was heading for the M.P. As Sammy watched in horror the black cat got closer as the people moved with him to the other side of the mountain.

'Follow me people he was saying, I know where to go, It wont take long now and we will be safe.'

The cat stopped for a short while and seemed to look directly at Sammy until it got into a pouncing position. then it was over in a mater of minutes. it jumped grabbed him by the neck and shuck him to death. before any body could get away a lion came around the corner. its mane swaying in the breeze. the people screamed and ran in all directions until some fell down the craggy holes bellow. it was mayhem. Sammy watched as the pride arrived and steadily attacked the remaining people until they were all dead. the lion sat down chewing on its kill oblivious to Sammy, James and gran dad.

in the distance a helicopter could be heard and they looked up to see men dressed in army cloths.

'Keep still we will come down to you.' they bellowed from the helicopter. a soldier swung down on a long rope and collected them one by one. when they were all safe inside the truth came out. the soldier responsible for fetching them told them the grewsam tale.

'Boy that was a close one.' he said, 'those poor people they would never have known the local zoo has lost a large proportion of its animals in the earth quake. its a real mess animals are every where. as you saw people are losing there lives.'

hello came a voice from the pilot's cabin. I am captain Graham and I will be taking you to a new camp that has been set up for victims of the earth quake. So sit tight, put your seat belts on and enjoy the ride.

Sammy sat comfortably in the seat and took to looking out the window while the others talked among themselves. tears started to role down her face as she looked at the devastation bellow. houses were broken in two and compleat roads upturned. England did not seem right any more. after two world wars and countless conflicts in other country's England had fell to an earth quake. she could not believe it. nothing ever troubled this little island. but now it seemed they were breakable. she felt broken too.

At the camp Sammy, James and Frank eat quickly and settled down in a basic make shift bed for the rest of the night. as the morning hours approached Sammy found herself dreaming again about the sixth seal. this time there was many angels and an empty golden throne. in the dream she was shown a blood red Nile in Egypt and the four horse men riding past the throne. death following last on the white horse. listen.......she heard......listen.......hold back your me..............follow only the words of Jesus.....Listen

When the moon goes red and the sun goes black.

Stretch forward with the sward to attack,

When the horsemen ride there horses back,

Let death be free, let famine lack,

When Lucifer the morning star awakes,

Let darkness be the word of grace,

Let new things form from blackness thick,

Let the dead rise up and hurry quick.

Suddenly there was a bright light and a new whiter angel appeared, he glowed from head to foot and called himself the angel of light and the morning star. Lucifer as he was know as on earth began commanding Sammy to listen to him and only him. he said

'I am the morning star, the light, the way and the truth, I am the only true light shinning in the ever vast darkness, follow me.' he said.

'Stop, don't.' Came another voice Sammy looked up into heaven to see Jesus alighted by angels sitting on a white stallion

'I am the only light of the world, those who believe in me will never dye but have eternal life. Don't listen to him Sammy he is a lyre and a deceiver hell bent on taking everybody from me. I am the true light, the true way and the truth. I am the true light of the world and this fake angel of light must go forever. He must go back into the darkness wench he came forth. for in the beginning there was darkness and then there was the word and the word was with God. when darkness transcends Sammy that is Gods power upon you. listen you must know of 'The Circle Of Christ.' all will be delivered from death by my circle. death has no hold over me or you. come look.

This is my gift to you, remember the universe works on opposites and know that I have died for you so that I could control the opposite of life in all of you so there will be no death to worry sleep my lamb.........sleep. Sammy slept like a baby and woke up late that morning. As she opened her eyes the whole earth started to tremble.

'Earth quake!!' came a shout from outside.

Sammy jumped up and tried to see were she was going but there was no light.

'What time is it?' she streaked as she made her way out of the tent she had been sleeping in. it was pitch black every where she could not understand it.

she bumped into somebody and shouted,

'Who are you?,'

and what time is it?'

'Its the middle of the day.' James shouted back. I thought you might need some company.'

'Thank you.' she said as she grabbed hold of his arm.

'How do we find our way from here?' she said.

'We don't.' he shouted over the noise of the earth quake.

'They are prediction a tornado is going to hit us very shortly. So just sit here with me for a minute. they did place a rope between the mess tent and the sleeping quarters but the black out of the sun made it impossible to see it.'

'Where is gran dad.' she asked.

'Don't worry about him, he is in the mess hall praying like crazy, I have never seen anything like it before. he wont even stop for a drink.'

'Yes that sounds like him.' she said.

'What's that noise.' Sammy said as she strained to see what was coming through the darkness. She felt a heavy breathing at the back of her neck and the hairs on her arms started to stand on end. she turned to see who was there but the darkness was vast and impenetrable. still the breathing continued and she felt frozen to the spot. her limbs would not take her any where she felt parallelized. she sat in utter silence for what seemed like an eternity holding James hand and then there was a load bang coming from the left of them and a heavy object seemed to be propelled over them. they both ducked but there was more. A whooshing sound started to grow on ferocity. all around them the wind was getting faster. Sammy could feel her body becoming lighter in the air.

'Hold on.' James said, 'Don't let go of me.'

'They both started to flout up into the air. they spin faster and faster until they were fully immersed in the tornado. Sammy still felt like a large silent being was watching her from behind, playing with her like a cat plays with a mouse. what ever it was it was very big she thought. just then the sky's opened the winds died down and James and Sammy found themselves on a grassy mound in the middle of know where. for all intense and prepossess Sammy thought to herself it appeared she had landed in a grave yard. But you would never know it since there was loads of people surrounding them now. they were waving and saying hi. Sammy would not have minded but there body's were translucent to look through. It appeared to her that they were surrounded by the living dead.

'Hi my names Florence one of the spirits said and this is Bert my husband. we have been buried here for century's. don't mind the others they mean no harm. now then whats your name ahh?' the spirit said.

Sammy and James slowly got up from the ground and ran for the gate and out into the street or what was left of the street. cars were up turned, houses were broken and all the way down the road was dead spirits waving and saying good morning to them, one such apparition dobbed his cap to them as he flouted through a tree trunk.

'What is going on.' Sammy said at last.

'I think its the end of the world.' James said as he closed one eye as a headless man walked past his side.



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