The End Of The Days

Revelations tells use the ends of the days will be terrible in every way, so lets experiment for a moment and see how Sammy copes with the return of god. she is the final generation destined to meet there maker. will she ever make it through the eye of the needle. read on my friends for your time is Nye.


5. God Returns

They found a pub door that was open.

'No body is inside.' James said as he jumped over the counter and got himself a swig of whiskey.

'What would you like?' he asked Sammy and Frank.

'A lemonade.' Sammy said

'How about you frank?'he asked.

'Give me a stiff brandy.' he said.

They sat at the bar and drank there drinks while James could be heard rummaging around in the kitchen out the back.

'Look what I have found.' he said

He presented them with a platter of different meats and a bowl of green leaf salad.

'I found it prepared out the back, eat up.' he said as he vanished back into the kitchen.

He came back out with two cheese cakes, one strawberry and the other toffee. They sat and filled there faces for an hour. All the time they were eating they could hear terrible noises coming from outside, but they had locked themselves into the pub for safety so all was well.

up stair's they found two bedrooms. they settled down of the night. Sammy closed the curtains without looking below into the street. the noises coming from outside were unbearable. the night was long and without peace. loud bangs and screams could be heard from outside. as morning approached shards of light penetrated the curtains. Sammy opened her eyes she had hardly slept a wink. she wondered if gran dad and James had done any better. they were in the room next door. Sammy got up and took a deep breath and opened the curtains. over night the street had been very noisy but now it was desolate. the sun was very bright and the heat penetrating the window was unbearable. Sammy closed the curtains again and went down stares into the kitchen. James and gran dad were sitting drinking a cup of tea. they presented her with a brew and continued chatting. Sammy sat down and lessened.

'I think we need to get out of London today. the people here have all gone mad, we need to pack the car with supplies and get going.' James said.

Sammy finished her cup of tea while James and gran dad filled the car with food and drink. when they were finished they all got in and they started to drive off. as time went on they started to pass Hyde park. as they were driving past five balls of pure fire came down around the car. one collided with the front wheel and they all jumped out. 

'Sammy.' gran dad said 'get into the park with James, I am coming just go.'

Sammy and James grabbed gran dad in there arms and carried him into the park. all around fire balls we raining down. it looked like the stars were falling out of the sky. Sammy looked up into the sky to see a large stallion. upon the horse was an olive skinned man, with a crown on his head.

'gran dad.' she said 'can you see this?'

he looked up and shouted 'that's Jesus Sammy, that's him.'

all around this man was angels singing a holy song of glory. the sky was alive with all sorts of angels.

'look gran dad that ones got four faces.' she said 'and that one has wheels for feet.'

'The holy heavenly realm of angels Sammy, this is it God is coming.' gran dad said.

All around them was pure darkness and above the white light of the holy angels. all over the sky you could see the heavenly host. as they stood up in the dark Frank started to say grace which was a prayer of thanks giving to God. as he prayed into the darkness butterflies appeared, big beautiful butterflies with bright blue and red wings. Sammy joined in and baby rabbits hopped out of the darkness. James stared wide eyed as a dear came out and galloped past. they continued to pray into the holy darkness until a man appeared dressed all in white. he walked past Sammy with out seeing her and flouted up to the throne in the sky. he sat down and Jesus alighted his horse and greeted him. gran dad Sammy and James focused on the white figure on the throne but not one of them could could see his face properly. it was like it was sealed from view. they stared directly at him but still they could not place him.

the angels fetched prayers to be burnt on the alter to God which was in front of the throne. they watched as the prayed went up in smoke. as this was happening the dead spirits on the earth started to rise up to heaven.

'bye.' they said 'see you soon.' they replied as they flouted up into the sky's. all around them spirits were raising from the ground and flouting up to Jesus. they were waving and laughing and cheering Jesus as they entered heavens above. as they left people started to appear from outside the park. thousands of people walking straight in front of each outer. walking forwards only. there eyes wide and emotionless. above them were angels telling them to except Jesus into there lives and repent. but the people were like zombies, they could not respond, they hearts were hardened to the truth. Sammy watched as a white pale figure on horse back rode through the sky and lobbed a head or two off as he galloped past. she could not believe what was happening. she really believed in every thing gran dad had said to he now and she really wished she had taken more notice. many people were wearing white and were climbing the steps to get to Gods throne. they appeared from all over the world, every nation and language. everybody through out the world could see this throne above in the sky. as they approached God they were eather sent into the fire or given a new robe and told to wait some more. this went on for an eternity but Sammy did not notice this because fire balls were every where and they were busy dodging them.

'SAMMY.' comes a load voice across the sky. she looks up to see the man on the throne gazing at her.

'Come up here.' he said.

she walks up the steps and into the presents of the lord.

'Your mother and father are missing you, go now to be with them.'

With that said, Sammy started flouting into the sky, she laughed to herself as she flouted up into the heavens, in front of her she could see a man and a women waiting for her she smiled and disappeared forever.


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