The End Of The Days

Revelations tells use the ends of the days will be terrible in every way, so lets experiment for a moment and see how Sammy copes with the return of god. she is the final generation destined to meet there maker. will she ever make it through the eye of the needle. read on my friends for your time is Nye.


2. Flee

The water was icy cold and sea weed was clinging to Sammy's face. She pushed it away as she rushed past a car. its lights were flashing and the person inside was banging on the window. the car was full of water. She tried to swim forward to get to the car but the currant was to strong. the car flouted past and she screamed out.

'Gran dad were are you.'

She blew the whistle on her life jacket till she was out of breath but there was no reply. then she heard a faint voice.

'I am here.'

She looked around to see him clinging to a piece of wood. she swam over to him and held onto the log too. the flow of the water took them inland. they flouted past dead bodies and ended up on the top of a car park. they were stranded there. there was water all around them and behind them there was a boat approaching. there was only one man aboard.

'Hello, get on board.' he shouted.

They climbed into the boat and he started up the engine and drove away.

'I will get you to the land. my name is James by the way.' he said.

'Hi James.' Sammy said.

Gran dad did not speak he seemed to be mumbling something to himself almost like a prayer Sammy thought as she continued talking to James.

'How bad is it.' she asked.

'Its bad.' he said.

'The local hospital was hit by the wave and hundreds of people are dead. it looks like the army are coming out to help soon, of course that all depends on the generosity of the universal government and we all know they don't care.'

'I can not believe it.' Sammy said as she pondered on what had just been said. the universal government were well known for not passing important bills and holding things up. the world had been united by one government for four years now and Sammy hated it. nothing ever got done, country's just argued with each other and started more wars.

'I can not believe that this could happen in England, nothing ever happens here.'she said as she came out of the day dream.

'What do we do now.' she asked him.

'Well they have advised use over the radio on the shipping channels that we must find high ground, like some sort of mountains.'

'Mountains.' gran dad shouted.

'Were all fleeing to the mountains, good God.' he said as he started to mumble again.

gran dad was a very religious man and Sammy knew this new event had put a new spin on all his old theories about the end of the world. any minute now he would be delving head first in to the seven seals. she had heard this part of the bible over and over since she was a small girl. he had kept saying ready yourself Sammy you must know this my precious girl. she must admit she had taken very little notice but she knew the basics and she felt that was enough, right now it was very unlikely that these things were going to happen she thought to herself as she resighted the seven seals to herself in a melodious manner.


There was the four horse men of the apocalypse to begin with. which took up the first four seals.

Then there was the plague famine and killing by sward that was the 4 seal.

then there was the souls of the people who had died for God and for the witness they had borne asking how long they must wait. they were told until all the others had died in Jesus's name that was seal 5.

then there was seal 6 which was the only really visible seal. this seal consisted of the sun, moon, stars and rocks doing strange things if Sammy remembered correctly, and she did remember.

then there was the last and final seal which was the seventh seal which began with a great quiet.......then what, many strange and painful things, that's what. she thought.


non of it sounded pleasant to her so she chose to take gran dads talks with a pinch of salt. he would say she was in denial and had been so for most of her life if he knew what she thought but he did not know and that was the way she wished to keep it.

'Were getting close to land.' James said.

Sammy looked up to see a mountain top covered in people. As they got closer two men ran forward and dragged the boat onto the land. They all got out of the boat and sat down on the mountain side looking out on the water bellow. The sun was quiet bright again and the water was gently lapping at the rocks around them.

'What happens now?' Sammy asked James as she threw a pebble into the water.

'well i guess we wait for the army to fetch use.' he said.

Just then he had a thought 'hang on let me get my radio going again and we will get a better idea of when they are coming.' he rummaged about in his ruck sake until he found his radio. he opened the winder at the side and proceeded to wind it up vigorously. everybody on the mountain leaned in to listen as the report started.

'This is world news breaking today from the white house. we have been warned a world wide earth quake is due to hit at about noon today. everybody must find a safe bunker or other secure environment and keep listening to your radio we will keep you up to date with the latest reports this is Simon Baxter signing off for world news.'

'This is it Sammy it is starting, get yourself ready' gran dad started shouting. 'we are in for the ride of our lives. come on every body lets find a safe place to hide.' gran dad said as he began ushering people into a large cave at the other side of the mountain just above the water line.

'this should do nicely.' he said as he came back for Sammy and James.

once inside Sammy lay on her coat at the back of the cave. she felt exhausted and really drained. she started to drop of and as she did she heard a voice calling her.

'Sammy, Sammy don't be afraid.'........ a shinning angel was in front of her eyes its wings outstretched.

'I come from the lord.' it said.

'your parents sent me to warn you of the up coming events. there is to be world wide disasters as the lord opens the 6th seal. it is important you understand how this universe works. there is the law of opposites. were you can dwell in peace if you apply these rules.

A quart of good, a quart of evil.

a barrel of peace, a barrel of war.

a element of cold and an element of hot.

a cup of shy and a cup of brave.

listen and understand, said as it flouted out of her mind and away from her.

she opened her eyes and looked around her. every thing was quiet and peaceful. she got up and went to the front of the cave. as she walked to the entrance the ground started to shake. she toppled to the side and started to fall out of the door of the cave. Just then the full apparition of an angel appeared from the heavens and she felt herself being pushed back into the cave entrance.

'hold on.' gran dad said 'its coming, the earth quake is coming.'

everybody fell onto the floor and held on for grim life. the noise was overwhelming and a red dust filled the air. people were coughing and crying out load. Sammy could see the waters reseeding now and the land bellow was splitting in half. the land continued to slide together until new land pushed up inbertween the cracks. the rocking and shacking started to bring stones down from the roof of the cave and every one started to scream as they landed on them.

'Get out.' James shouted.

They all ran from the cave and landed on the new earth. it was rocky and craggy with large drops for hundreds of miles at ether side. It seemed they were stranded with no hope.

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