The End Of The Days

Revelations tells use the ends of the days will be terrible in every way, so lets experiment for a moment and see how Sammy copes with the return of god. she is the final generation destined to meet there maker. will she ever make it through the eye of the needle. read on my friends for your time is Nye.


6. Authors Conclusion


Hi everybody i hope you have enjoyed my small story about the end of the world. I based this book on my understanding of the Christian belief of the end of time when God comes. I feel it is a bit of a narrow view of the events that take place but its all I have in my head after reading revelations in the christian bible and digesting the word. My view would be of God forming himself again, collecting the fire, water and air and leaving with us like a comet through space to find a new planet for use to settle. How ever I felt the traditional view would appeal more to you. I used my artistic license to add zombies to the story, I hope you approve. this is only a short story because I am not used to this website yet. I started using it in 2013 but I have not been on line with this website till recently in 2015. I am really enjoying it now but i am still learning how to send messages as well as how to spell check. Which brings me to the fact I am dyslexic so I really need proof readers. so you will have to forgive my bad spelling. I try to spell out words as I think they sound so you can at least make sense of the word even if it is spelt wrong. Thank you for reading my story, I hope to write many more in the future. Karena McKenna.

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