The End Of The Days

Revelations tells use the ends of the days will be terrible in every way, so lets experiment for a moment and see how Sammy copes with the return of god. she is the final generation destined to meet there maker. will she ever make it through the eye of the needle. read on my friends for your time is Nye.


1. In The Beginning.

this little story begins in a small sea side town in England. the sort of town where people flock like seagulls in old age to enjoy the fresh air and sandy beaches. one such migrant is Frank Smith an old gentleman from Kent. he moved here three years ago with his young fourteen year old granddaughter Sammy. they live in a small cottage not far from the beach. they make the most of Franks small but ample pension and do not grumble about the every day bills. today just like every other day the two of them are on the beach making the most of the late September sun light.

'Gran dad would you like a ice cream.' Sammy asks as they strolled down the beach. Sammy was squinting a bit as the sun was very bright, in fact unusually bright for this time of year. but it had been getting brighter slowly for years. Sammy could remember lessening to the news on the t.v about climate change, she must admit she had not payed much attention to it because it had all started long before her birth. the polar ice capes had melted years before she set foot on the earth raising the worlds water levels substantially. grand dad jabbed her in the arm,

'What about a flake with mine' he said as he climbed up the steps to the street above.

'Aoow.' Sammy said as she rubbed her arm and followed him.

'What you do that for?' she asked

'Penny for your thoughts' he said as he made his way to the ice cream shop.

Sammy brought him and herself a cone with a flake and they slowly meandered there way towards there cottage. as they entered the cottage out of the corner of Sammy's eye  she thought she saw the sea draw into its self. it seemed to be a lot further from the shore than a moment ago. she took another look and dropped her ice cream all over her top. she could not believe what she was seeing.

'gran dad, gran dad.' she shouted

'get out here you've got to see this.'she said.

they both stared ahead at the sea, the load sound of a siren was to be head all over the town.

'Oh My God' Gran dad said as he slipped his arms in to his coat and pushed Sammy out of the door. 

'follow me' he mumbled at her as they moved as quickly as Frank could go up the high street into town.

'what is it' Sammy asked as she followed him obediently.

'its a Tsunami.' he said.

they made there way up to the life boat station and went inside.

'Here take this.' Frank said as he passed her a bright orange life jacket.

'Strap it on tight now.' he said as he rushed to put his on.

'Right.' he said.

'We do not have much time. we need to get onto the roof of one of the buildings to escape the force of the wave.'

'How about the library.' Sammy added.

'Good thinking Sammy but i have a better plan.' he said as they walk briskly down the road again. Frank could not run his leg was to painful and his age took a toll on him.

'Head for the bingo hall he shouted to her, don't wait for me just run Sammy, run.' he said.

'No gran dad.' she shouted back as she linked arms with him.

'I am not going anywhere with out you, just keep going..'She shouted.

The bingo hall was two streets away and Sammy could see a large wave forming in the distance. everything was eerily quiet. The streets were desolate now.

'its coming.' gran dad shouted as they rounded the corner into the next street.

'were not going to make it.' he streaked in fear.

'no we will.' Sammy bellowed back at him

'just hold on tight to my hand, we can do this.' she said.

the wave was getting higher. frank held Sammy hand tightly now as they rounded the next bend and headed for the bingo hall. they opened the door and headed for the stairs. there was four flights of them before they hit the roof

Frank stopped to catch his breath.

'Sammy I have wanted to tell you something for years now but i never found the right moment.'he said.

'Not now gran dad lets go.' she said.

'No Sammy just listen a minute. when the rapture came you were about three. remember i told you your parents died when you were small, well its not true. your parents were taken up into the sky. they actually flouted up. I watched it happen. nobody believed it was happening. to this day everybody denied it happened and nobody speaks of it in case God kills them. there fear is great but you do not need to be Sammy. God wanted your parents. hold that in your heart and do not be afraid of this wave that is coming. God will uphold you I am sure of it.'

'What about you gran dad.'

'He will take care of me to. he is all powerful, by the grace of god we will survive.'

'come on gran dad lets not talk about religion again.' she said as they started to climb the stair's.

'You know I don't believe and besides that you know my parents died in a car crash, that rapture thing is all wrong. i don't now what has gotten in to you but we better get to the top of this building quickly since i can here a roaring sound coming from outside.'

as they cleared the last set of stairs gran dad opened the door to the roof. the wind was biting and the view terrifying. they both looked in horror as the wave approached. they huddled together in total fear as the wave hit the beach and kept going. it washed away there small cottage and continued up the town until it engulfed the bingo hall.


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