Animal Poem Anthology

An anthology of poems around the subject of animals. Enjoy...


1. Tim the Rabbit

The world was a loud, angry place

Until Tim came along with a new kind of pace,

Away went the criminals, booked and busted,

And each surface quite nicely dusted.

And there sat Tim, in his high desk chair –

Fixing everyone with a steely stair –

“Now I know I’m in the habit,

Of only being a rabbit,

But just how bad can a rabbit habit be,

When all the criminals are away, you see?”

With that, they shut their face,

And quickly attuned to the rabbit’s new pace.

And their they sat in their peaceful little bubble,

Until along came a new kind of trouble:

A huge hulking ogre

Who spread terror the entire world over.

Anger and chaos ruled the streets,

as Tim looked on with his pet parakeets.

And then one day he went off to see

Who had caused this massive cacophony.

Off he went to the ogre’s lair

Expecting to see some kind of bear.

He got quite a shock, but kept his cool

As he tossed the great brute into the pool!

With a swish and a flick of his soft cotton tail,

The ogre suddenly turned quite pale,

And in his gruff voice said

“I think I’ll be off to bed!”


Tim was a simple rabbit

And had gotten in the habit

Of renting a barn

From old McGregor’s local farm,

And there he lived for ever after,

High up in the barn roof rafters!

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