How Love Killed

Love 5sos romance triggering suicide


10. Luke's POV

Luke`s POV:


I seriously think i would murder calum if he wasnt so walking home now.i dont care if i miss last period.Miss.Jones can suck my dick for all i care. i saw bailey crieing running to her house. i ran to her and placed my and on her shoulder."GET AWAY YOU FUCK-BOY". Bailey i can explain im soooooo sorry please stop."OMG IF U DIDNT LIKE ME WHY WOULD YOU JUST DO THIS TO ME".OH MY GOD BAILEY LISTEN."ok..."Bailey i haved loved you since 7th grade,you are the most awsome and pretty girl ive ever met."um uh um re-really"yes bailey.the reason i got so mad was beacuse calum doesnt like you,hes a dick who is a fuck boy."um uh i-ive liked you to"wait really."yes luke,i-i dont think you know,ive liked u since i dont evan know when it started,i mean who doesnt like a hot awsome rocker guy with a buldge".wat."HOLY FUCK DID I SAY THAT".-giggles-.......................

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