How Love Killed

Love 5sos romance triggering suicide


13. baileys POV

Baileys POV:


he put his dick right in front of my entrance.he asked if he could.i said no and left his grasp put my clothes back on then left feeling so mad and stupid.he went after me.i guess you can say he might like me but i dont trust him."im sorry bailey,im sorry for not being the perfect man that you lose your virginity to,im not supposed to talk to u is that why".im sorry luke its just...i dont know ok so just please stop trying to act like you care for me of like me."but what if i do like you bailey".WELL YOU DONT OK, IM NOT STUPID, U LIKE BADF GIRLS U LIKE GIRLS THAT ARE BASS ASS LIKE LEXY SO GO FUCK HER.i ran to the park and cried in the trees..........



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