The Year of my LIfe

Darrla starts school, she knew what was gonna come. But she didn't know that she would meet the one.


1. When Will I Get There?

I wonder if I am ever going to get there… There's been a lot of talk going on at school for the past two weeks now and no one will tell me what all the chatter is about and I am going crazy inside not knowing what it is all about.  My friend and I were just walking around school like we always do and we hear a couple of boys talking about a party they are going to have but this is what got me when we turned the corner they stopped talking and walked away.  One of my other friends daniel was walking toward me and emily we were just standing there talking when she came to us she said she had to talk to us about something she did not what to tell us but she always does.  So she told us that there was a party going on and that know one was invited to it but her but she wanted us to come because it was the guy I really liked and I was wondering why he only invited her but I finally found out why he did not invited anyone else it is because he liked her and did not want anyone to know but she post everything on facebook and once she found out she told all of her friends on facebook and she was really excited.

    Sometimes I wished I had a boyfriend and got invited to parties like all my friends do. When I was at school on day over summer break right before school ended last year  a guy asked me for my number but I told him no because I was with all of my friends and if I did say yes I did not want everyone to know. Sooooo over fall break my mom found his mom on facebook and emailed her so that I could to the guy that asked for my number.  After we got a hold of his mom he emailed me on my laptop and let's just get this straight i am obsessed with my email right now and when he emailed me I did not know who it was but after I read the user name I knew who it was so I emailed him back and after talking for two to three days he asked me if we were a “thing” and I said idk do you and he said I can not answer that until you do then I said yea I guess and he said good with a bunch of hearts after I said that.



A/N Hey guys this is my first book and I know it is a little short right now but I am going to add more to it and keep adding on to this book. Hope you like it so far!!!!!!! XD :P

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