Aldrin's Gallery

Some of you may know I am a keen drawer. Some of you may not. But that, ladies and germs, is about to change. All of my digital work, I'm gunna post on this Movella, right here. That way you lot don't have to find me on DeviantArt to follow my work. And this will be in chronological order! Now, enjoy (or I'll eat all the fruit you own!) [None of the illustrations in this Movella are for any other use; no exceptions, no one uses them aside from me. You have been warned!]


31. Terraria II

And this is what me and L_Awesome (Andrew) look like now in Terraria. 
Andrew on the left has had... a sex change and looks even more terrifying. Butterfly wings, a pretty pink dress and the sword of the planet itself in his grip. Plus his minions, the beetles, his Deadly Sphere of deathliness, and oh yeah, Exterminator the penguin, Lord of Horror and Destruction. Merely tamed by a fish. 

And then me, in Spectre Armour as a social slot, but with Shroomite Armour underneath. The bow made out of fragments from the very vortex of space. Plus my pets, my faithful steed Meteorite who is a phantom Unicorn of terror and my fowl mouthed ghost parrot, Arrrrrnold. 

But yes, overall me and Andrew have come a long way. But yet... still need to beat the Moon Lord.

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