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Some of you may know I am a keen drawer. Some of you may not. But that, ladies and germs, is about to change. All of my digital work, I'm gunna post on this Movella, right here. That way you lot don't have to find me on DeviantArt to follow my work. And this will be in chronological order! Now, enjoy (or I'll eat all the fruit you own!) [None of the illustrations in this Movella are for any other use; no exceptions, no one uses them aside from me. You have been warned!]


51. Egan Blackmouth

My Dark Heresy character. 

Young, sassy, and an arm that can give you a lethal touch from 700 yards. 

A talent with her eyes, a trait she honed in the Underhives, she can see individuals of significance that other, more clumsy pupils may miss.  

A word of note: 
This is not usually my style. This took me two days of fiddling, as the eyes and mouth were either too big, too small or too far apart etc. Eventually, I just made the head structure smaller and that seemed to fix it. Weirdly.

Now for all those who read "The Big Book of Mythological Creatures" and remember the character from it, no, these two women are not the same person. 

- Aldrin

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