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Some of you may know I am a keen drawer. Some of you may not. But that, ladies and germs, is about to change. All of my digital work, I'm gunna post on this Movella, right here. That way you lot don't have to find me on DeviantArt to follow my work. And this will be in chronological order! Now, enjoy (or I'll eat all the fruit you own!) [None of the illustrations in this Movella are for any other use; no exceptions, no one uses them aside from me. You have been warned!]


50. Daenerys Stormborn as she should be

Now this may shock you all, but I don't like Daenerys Targeryn. Yup. I think she's a dull character, with a weak heart and is too power hungry.

She's not a great War Queen, nor a powerful ruler. She's a coward and a manipulator. 
Reason why? Her ancestor, Aegon the Conquerer, went to Westeros on the back of an armoured dragon, fighting his enemies toe to toe without fear. And so did his two sisters.
Dany stays at the back as her armies fight for her. Big deal, she sits on a dragon, but that's not her fighting, now is it? 
I want her clad in armour, with a sword in hand and a fearless leader. Like Jon Snow. He got stuck in and filthy. He literally fought for his cause. Dany does not. 
I want to see more female warriors. Instead, the reason she isn't armoured up (I presume) is to still keep her pretty and good looking. Not a good enough excuse, to be fair.

Little rant over. 
Daenerys, all I have to say to you is git gud. 

But this is why I drew this piece. So that I can really envisage what she would look like as a dominating warrior. 

- Aldrin

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