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Some of you may know I am a keen drawer. Some of you may not. But that, ladies and germs, is about to change. All of my digital work, I'm gunna post on this Movella, right here. That way you lot don't have to find me on DeviantArt to follow my work. And this will be in chronological order! Now, enjoy (or I'll eat all the fruit you own!) [None of the illustrations in this Movella are for any other use; no exceptions, no one uses them aside from me. You have been warned!]


46. Competition Entry - 7

My entry for the Halloween competition. 
I have spent almost my entire day drawing this. From 7am to 11pm and I am both amazingly proud of it and tired of looking at it. 

I went where I had never gone before as an artist before, and the very reason as to why it took me so... God... damned... LONG!
I went along with dynamic shading, where it was no matter of shading away from the light on the opposite of the drawing. Instead, it is a method of using as little lineart as possible.and trying to show detail though shading and highlights, with minimal black outlines. For my first attempt, I am damn well proud! Like, immensely proud! 

Good luck to all the entries in the fanart section!

- Aldrin

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