Forced To Marry My Enemy (ON HOLD)

He smiles as I walk down the isle.
This was not how it was supposed to be..
I finally reach the alter and he takes my hands in his.
I stare into his eyes knowing this is wrong. What's about to happen is happening for all the wrong reasons.



7. Chapter 7



So we're back in Britain. And Zayn wants to take me to dinner?

I know I was confused myself. But I don't wanna turn him down. I feel kinda bad for him pouring his heart out to me and then I basically shot him down.

I search through my closet looking for a decent outfit for a dinner.

I don't really have any dresses. Mostly black tees and leather jackets..

"Umm Zayn?" I hear his footsteps echo until he reaches my room.

"Yeah love?" Love..?

I stutter as his  choice of words caught me off guard.

"Uh I don't- I don't have any dresses.."

He stands there for a minute. I guess he's thinking.

"I could drive you to a mall."

"Yeah thanks.." He eyes meet mine and once again the butterflies flutter around in my stomach. He smiles and I swear a Angel got its wings.

He walks out to put on his shoes and I grab my jacket and throw on my boots.

He comes back in pulling on his jacket.

"You ready?" He says grabbing his keys off the desk.

"Yep." I take my purse off the sofa.


"So.. you really don't love me?"

"Zayn can we not talk about this?"

"No. Were gonna talk about it. I wanna know why? Is it my personality? Is it my hair? Am i ugly?"

"No. No not at all. I just don't feel that way about you."


I feel my anger build up and I burst.

"Because I don't want to!"

His face softens and his eyes get glossy. Is he serious?

"Zayn.. I didn't mean it like that."

"No it's fine." He says parking.

I sigh and we step out of the car.

I open the door and walk into the huge mall.

I groan as I realize it's crowded. People running around shopping for Christmas.

I roll my eyes and push through the ground feeling annoyed about the small fight we had in the car.

"I'm gonna walk over here.. You can go shop for whatever i'll pay."

"You don't have to pay."

He sighs and nods before walking away.

I walk into Angel's and look for a good dress.

I find a crop top and a maxi skirt.

Meh. Good enough.

I buy a pair of shoes and walk out of the store.

I do need other things..

I walk into a pharmacy and grab a box of tampons along with pain killers.

After that I go to VS for some underwear. I grab a couple black lace sets and a red one.

I buy those and I walk back to the place where Zayn was standing.

He looks up from his phone and holds back a smile when he spots my VS bag.

"Shut up and let's go."

He rolls his eyes and gets up from the bench.

We walk out the mall into into the car.

He turns the key and the car roars to life. 

We drive back home to change and get ready for dinner. 





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