Forced To Marry My Enemy (ON HOLD)

He smiles as I walk down the isle.
This was not how it was supposed to be..
I finally reach the alter and he takes my hands in his.
I stare into his eyes knowing this is wrong. What's about to happen is happening for all the wrong reasons.



3. Chapter 3



I look down at the ground. Iv'e always liked plane rides.

Minus the jet lag. It's when I get my most sleep.

"Would you like something to eat Miss?"

The stewardess asks. I shake my head and she walks away.

"We will be landing in 2 minutes. All passengers seat belts shall be on as we land"

I look next to me and Zayn is sleeping.

I gotta say he doesn't look half bad.

Actually.. kinda cute.

I wake him up gently.

"Zayn. The plane is about to land."

He groans and opens his eyes blinking rapidly.

I look out the window as we land.


Zayn stretches and I just walk to the luggage return.

I grab my 2 suitcases immediately. I don't need to be arrested on a mission.

I wait for Zayn to get his suitcase before we walk to a black challenger.

"This yours?" I question.

"Yep. I have cars all over the world." I nod and put my suitcase in the back seats and sit in the front.

We drive to a hotel and walk into the lobby. I pull my suitcase next to me and look around.

I nudge Zayn when I spot the suspect. "There's Geraldi. I'm gonna go talk to him."

I walk over to him and smile.

"Hey Don." He smiles. "Hey Bella. What are you doing here?"

"I'm on a honeymoon remember?"

I smile at the mention. Okay maybe Zayn's not so bad..

"Oh yeah. How's that going?" "Great. I was just wondering what room your in?"

"Room 158 why?"

"Uh no reason. Have fun on your trip." I smile and walk away.

"Did you connect it?" I ask Zayn. He smiles and nods. Great.

"Yeah. So what did you say?"

"Why do you need to know?" I say putting my earpiece in.

"Because i'm.. never mind.." He looks down and I just shrug.

We walk into the elevator and 2 other big looking goons walk in. I look in one of their pockets. I roll my eyes.

"I don't think you should carry guns around. It's not safe." I say smirking.

Zayn gives me a "what the heck" look and I smile before taking out my gun.

"You wanna tell me why your here? Or do I have to torture it out of you?"

Zayn pulls out his gun and points it at the other guy.

"Who are you working for?"

"I.. I don't know. no ones ever met the boss."

I sigh and knock him out with the gun. Zayn does the same. The doors open and we step over them and I roll my bags out as well.

Zayn phone rings as we walk into the suite. "Someone is calling Geraldi"

See he hacked Geraldi's phone and connected it to his phone so whatever happens on his phone Zayn can see. And whatever is happening within a 10 mile radius of Geraldi Zayn can hear it.

He answers and puts it on speaker.

"I have your necklace. Now leave my daughter alone!"

My eyes widen. "He's the victim? Well who's the bidder?"

"Alright. Bring me the necklace you will get your daughter back. No necklace your daughter dies. Understood?"

"Yes.." The call ends and Zayn turns to me.

"We have to get that little girl."

"I know. You keep and eye on Geraldi. Make sure no one tries anything. I'll find the girl. But I need you to trace that call for me."

He nods and I walk out the suite ready to kick ass.



YAAAY ANOTHER CHAPTER! o3o I love it so much!

Hope you guys loved this chapter! 

~Joslene ;*


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