Forced To Marry My Enemy (ON HOLD)

He smiles as I walk down the isle.
This was not how it was supposed to be..
I finally reach the alter and he takes my hands in his.
I stare into his eyes knowing this is wrong. What's about to happen is happening for all the wrong reasons.



17. Chapter 16

Zayn's POV

I smile as Chanelle reaches for the mugs of the top shelf. "Can you get me a mug? I'm short." She pouts playfully. 

I laugh and get off the sofa, walking toward her. "I'm just as tall as you, Princess."

She rolls her eyes. "Why do you call me that? It's annoying." She turns around and I swiftly grab her hips. Pulling her closer to me, I whisper in her ear. "Would you rather me call you Kitten?"

I smirk as she purrs softly. "Kitten it is." I turn her around and she smiles then kisses me. Our lips move in synch as we lust over each other.  I pull away momentarily. "Jump." I say breathlessly. She complies and wraps her legs around my waist. I carry her up to the bedroom as our lips don't move from each other's.

But i'll leave the rest to your imagination. 

Harry's POV

The hospital finally released me! Even though that's pretty good news, I can't seem to get last night out of my mind. I call Bella to talk a bit. And to bring me clothes.. She walks in with a bag and her hair wet.

"Is it raining?" I ask chuckling.

"No. I had just got out the shower when you called." 

I look at her but she looks the other way every time. I sigh pulling my clothes on. "Are you okay?

She looks up at me, a false smile etched on her face.. "I'm fine. Stop worrying."

"You forget how well I know you. Tell me what's wrong."

She sighs. "You forget we're not as close as we used to be."

I feel a pang of hurt in my chest. And sick to my stomach. "Did last night mean nothing to you..? I apologized and promised! You know I don't promise anything to anyone!" I yell anger building up.

"Because you're smart enough to know you can't keep your promises.." She's trying not to cry.. She bites her lip trying to blink away the tears. "Is that what it's about? You think I won't keep my promise to you?" She nods slowly letting her tears fall freely. "Isabella.. Come here." She walks over hesitant. I pull her close holding her. 

We stand in silence for a minute before I speak. "I love you so much.  I'm so sorry for being stupid..." I kiss her head. "I really missed this.." I say into her hair.  "So did I.. But we're gonna be late."

I pull away from our position and look at her. "Late for what?"

She sneers and pulls me out of the room. I managed to grab my bag in time. She leads me outside to her car.

"Where are we going?" I ask as we get in the car. "To get you a suit." She smirks as the words fall from her mouth.

"A suit!? No. Not a chance." She laughs and starts the car.

"I'd say a 100 percent chance." I groan and roll the window up and down. "Why do I need a suit? They're itchy.."

She looks at me for a second before turning back to the road. "Stop whining like a child."

"Fine. But I should get a reward for doing this.." We stop at a red light. "Reward?" She asks. "Yes." I reply. "A reward." She nods and motions for me to come closer. I oblige and she kisses me. I kiss back and soon we're making out. Didn't last long because people started honking their horns. 

She jumps and continues driving. I laugh and stare at the road ahead.

Chanelle's POV

I smile as we fall back to the bed.

"We're gonna be late for the party.." Zayn says breathlessly. Ugh. "I swear you just wants to see that hoe Isadora." "Her name is Isabella. You're gonna have to stop being a bitch. " I sit shocked as he walks away.

I walk into the bathroom and turn on the hot water. I can't believe he's so rich he has more than two bathrooms. What the hell is that? I turn on a bit of cold and step in. I hear the bedroom door open. Zayn couldn't be done that fast..? I quickly wash myself and step out. I look in all the drawers and find nothing.

Why the hell doesn't he keep guns everywhere? Now, I hate to admit it but that Irene girl is smart. I find a box opener and sigh. I wrap my towel around me and walk out of the bathroom.

A lady with a duster in her hand stares at me. "Oh. Just a maid." I sigh and shoo her out so I can get dressed. I find my dress and smile. This'll get his eyes off of that ugly Ira. Zayn walk in all wet and glistening. I get chills but walk out. I am going to ruin that bitch's life.


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