Forced To Marry My Enemy (ON HOLD)

He smiles as I walk down the isle.
This was not how it was supposed to be..
I finally reach the alter and he takes my hands in his.
I stare into his eyes knowing this is wrong. What's about to happen is happening for all the wrong reasons.



12. Chapter 11

Bella's POV

I smile as he yells in pain. I've always liked torturing people, I feel calm when I do. It sounds bad but i've seen people do worse. "If your keep struggling you'll lose another toe. Why were you planning against me?"

He smirks. "Just like Mandy. Feisty. I bet your rough in bed too." I feel my face get hot and my anger builds up.

I walk over to my bag of tools. Gun? Meh. Blowtorch? Nah. Pliers.. Yes.

I grab the sharpest ones and pull my gloves on.

Walking back over to him he snickers.

"You wanna tell me why my mother's name is in your mouth?"

"Oh. Of course. We how you kids would say "hook up" pretty often. No wonder your father is always angry. He-"

I punch him in the nose and kick his chair back.

I kneel down to his face. "You won't ever say my mother's name again. Ever." I grab hold of my pliers and open his mouth. "So help me god if you bite me I will hurt you."

"More than you already have?" I smirk and open the pliers.

"You tell me." I grasp one of his molars with the pliers and pull. He groans a bit so I pull harder.

Him and my mom. Together. My mom and dad arguing. Yelling, screaming. I remember it all. Every other hour they fought. I pull harder and he yells. I twist and pull and his tooth. He screams and tears roll down his cheeks.

I snatch it out as his body quivers.

Blood pours out his mouth so I grab a few pieces of gauze.

"As soon as you stop bleeding I'm gonna ask you again. And this time your gonna tell me."

I glare at him before pulling my gloves off and sitting down with my phone.

 Zayn's POV

When Irene gave me I clothes I ran out the house. After I put my clothes on of course. 

I call Bella again, but this time when she answers I hear faint sobs. "Bella? Are you okay? Where are you?"

I start to worry a lot but then I hear her laugh. Beautiful sound, that is..

"I'm fine. That's your father crying like a bitch."

I gasp and she laugh again. "What did you do??"

"Calm down Daddy's boy. He said he was sleeping with my mom. So I lost my temper."

"What did you do to him?" 

I hear her hesitation then she sighs. "I may have snatched his tooth out.. and a toe."

"A fucking toe?" 

"Yeah. It's called torture. Duh."

I sigh. This shit is stressful.. "Bella. I know you don't like my father but.. he's my father."

"Yeah I know. You father wanted to rape then kill me. If you want i'll let him go. I'll surrender."


"Hell no. Are you crazy??"

I groan. "Well, whatever you're doing finish it off, because your mum texted me saying we

need to see her now."


We say our goodbyes and hand up.

A toe. She took off his toe.. 

Damn she's badass. I smile to myself and drive to Mandy's mansion.

Bella's POV

I groan and walk over to Yaser.

"Looks like our playdate is over.."

I see happiness in his eyes. Not acceptable.

"Just know you'll be under my watch at all times. I know people in Secret Service. 

You'll be sent to a facility in Alaska. You will be fed, clothed and so on. If you try to break out which is nearly               impossible I won't hesitate to kill you. That's a promise."

I call Frank from the Secret Service and give him the address to the mansion.

I says he's on his way so I walk back outside and into my car. I turn on the radio and Justin Bieber plays.

Yes i'm a big fan. Judge me. I hum along as I drive to my mom's house. I need to have a chat with her as well..

I reach the house and sigh as I park. I also see two very unfamiliar cars.

I walk inside and see a face I never wanted to see again.


He turns and smiles. "Isabella."

I see Zayn looking confused. I turn to my mom and she looks worried.

"What the hell is going on?"







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