Dusk To Dawn: Twin Trouble

Dawn Hayden knew she was different, she knew her story, she new she wasn't a Hayden. First movella!!! Collab with Lilly_Malfoyxox and her story: Mona Malfoy and Her True Identity



2. Mornings and Mournings

Mornings, not a lot of people like them, but for Dawn Hayden it's different, it's worse. She wakes up to the sound of the stuck up Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy yelling, or worse their HORRIBLE son, Draco. But it's not all bad, she has one friend, her best and only friend, Mona Malfoy (friends character). Mona is absolutely disgusted by her family, but she hides it, she wishes she was a Hayden, Dawn's sister. But she knows that Dawn isn't a Hayden. Dawn's full name is Dawn Lily Potter, only Dawn, Mona, the Malfoys and the wise Dumbledore know this. That fateful night when James and Lily Potter were murdered, Dawn was there too, she was hugging her twin brother in fear when Voldemort struck them, then getting a cloud-shaped scar on her wrist. She, along Harry with were put onto the Dursley's doorstep. The Dursleys decided they would only take Harry, therefore sending Dawn to an orphanage. She was then adopted by the Haydens. They were a loving family, but Dawn was weird, she could change her face, eyes, and hair. At first it was little, like a slightly darker shade hair or a rounder face, then it got intense, Dawn's whole appearance was changed by her mood. The Haydens tried to ignore it but ended up giving her back to the orphanage. The Malfoys found her and realised she was different. They kept the name Hayden and treated her like a slave. They also realised she was a metamorphmagus and a Potter. Dawn is now awaiting her 11th birthday, her letter to Hogwarts, meeting her brother and escaping the Malfoys with Mona.


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