Dusk To Dawn: Twin Trouble

Dawn Hayden knew she was different, she knew her story, she new she wasn't a Hayden. First movella!!! Collab with Lilly_Malfoyxox and her story: Mona Malfoy and Her True Identity



4. Friends and Frenzies

It was the day Mona and Dawn have been waiting for, the day they would leave for Hogwarts. It was exciting, but overwhelming, Dawn was a bit nervous, her hair was grey,green and blue and one eye was grey and the other purple, she had never done this before. They ran at the wall between platforms 9 and 10, platform nine and three quarters. Mona and Dawn boarded the train and set off to find a spare compartment, they were so confused they accidently bumped into two identical red-headed twins. "Sorry," Dawn mumbled, she wasn’t that comfortable in this new environment. "Finding a compartment can always be a struggle, especially for midgets like you." The boys said in unison. The girls, being relatively tall, gave them an offended look. "Well, can you help us?" Mona asked impatiently. "Our brother's in there," one boy said "enter at your own risk," the other said. Dawn and Mona rushed into the compartment and asked if they could sit. They sat down across from a redhead boy they recognise as the twins brother, but there was also another boy, Dawn found him faintly familiar, he had jet black hair, emerald green eyes and baggy clothing, much like what Dawn wore. It was silence for a moment, which was finally broken when Mona asked the redhead boy "I'm sorry to ask, but are you a Weasley?" "Yea, the name's Ron." Dawn finally plucked up the courage to say "I'm Dawn Hayden." "Harry, Harry Potter." Dawn and Mona exchanged nervous glances, and then something weird happened, Dawn;s hair changed from green, to grey to yellow, to purple. Dawn blushed " Sorry." She muttered, clearly embarrassed. Ron and Harry gasped in awe, Dawn saw this then explained "metamorphmagus, can change appearance at will, or whenever." Then there came a knock at the compartment door, it was a girl with long, frizzy brown hair she asked if she could sit with them, in unison, Harry and Dawn said "Sure!" Then everyone introduced themselves except Mona, then Ron asked what her name was and she just said "Mona," without adding in her last name. Then guess who popped up, it was Draco. "go away idiot!" Mona growled, "aren't you going to introduce me to your friends, who I see as blood traitor, mudblood, unwanted and ah, Potter, I see we have a family reunion! Anyways I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Mona's brother." "GO AWAY DRACO!!!" Mona screamed. Draco smirked and flounced away to his friends. Everyone, aside from Dawn looked at her in awe, Mona and Dawn explained everything, except the whole Harry, Dawn thing, they  just said she got given to an orphanage. The train was arriving soon so they had to get changed into their robes. That was an odd train trip, but it had a great outcome, three new friends. 


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