Dusk To Dawn: Twin Trouble

Dawn Hayden knew she was different, she knew her story, she new she wasn't a Hayden. First movella!!! Collab with Lilly_Malfoyxox and her story: Mona Malfoy and Her True Identity



3. Birthdays and Bracelets

On the morning of the 31st July, Dawn woke peacefully, ignoring the furious shouts of her 'family' downstairs. Her hair changed to pastel blue and her eyes to purple, she was happy. Dawn bounced downstairs, and then remembered, she lived with the Malfoys. As she expected, Draco and Mona were arguing, then Lucius started telling Mona off though from what Dawn saw it was Draco calling Mona 'sissy'. While this was happening Dawn just stood there, then Lucius scowled at her and yelled "Unwanted! Quit standing there and make breakfast!" Mona gave her a sad smile that quickly changed to a glare, as Mona is meant to hate Dawn. 


After breakfast, Dawn went up to her small, attic room. She was a bit depressed after the mornings events. Then, there came a knock at the door, Dawn, assuming it was Mona opened the door happily. As she opened the door, Dawn gasped, it was Mona, holding a beautifully wrapped box. In it was a charm bracelet, it had Dawn's name, a cloud, a wand and a charm that shows her current emotion, right now it showed Mona and Dawn together, happiness. Mona also held her Hogwarts letter. Dawn pulled her into a big hug and said truthfully "you're no Malfoy." "Well you're no Hayden" Mona replied. "touche!" The girls giggled quietly and started chatting about Hogwarts, they both wanted to get into Gryffindor. "You'll get in for sure!" Mona exclaimed "you're a Potter! Malfoys always and only get into Slytherin." Dawn could tell Mona was sad. " Maybe if you ask the hat it will put you in Gryffindor!" "Thanks Lil, really, but no hats gonna listen to me." "Come on, Moans, maybe Diagon Alley will take your mind off things." "Let's hope." 


At Diagon Alley Mona could spend fifty galleons while Dawn could only spend ten. Lucius thought he was being generous. Mona ended up giving her twenty galleons. Dawn and Mona walked into Ollivanders wand shop and gasped with awe. Mona found her wand after fifteen tries. "You are different Miss. Malfoy" Ollivander stated as she payed, Mona blushed and smiled at this. Dawn took a lot longer, she swished  twenty five wands and all ended horribly, then Ollivander looked at Dawn curiously then rushed back into his store room. "I thought I'd never sell this!" He muttered to himself. "excuse me sir?" Dawn asked. Ollivander, forgetting Dawn was there flinched and then said, "try this Miss – Hayden" Dawn cut off quickly. Dawn hurriedly picked up the wand and waved it around. She felt an odd tingling sensation in her wrist and the dim store became bright. "This the wand for me." She stated. Dawn and Mona walked out of Ollivanders feeling accomplished. 


In the pet store they met Draco (or dumbo) who followed them around making rude remarks and comments. This also meant Mona had to be mean to Dawn. Mona found an adorable black kitten and named it Starlight. Dawn went over and found the cutest and smallest grey owl and named her Dusk. They were ready to go to Hogwarts. 

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