Dusk To Dawn: Twin Trouble

Dawn Hayden knew she was different, she knew her story, she new she wasn't a Hayden. First movella!!! Collab with Lilly_Malfoyxox and her story: Mona Malfoy and Her True Identity



1. About Dawn

She is a Metamorphmagus and here are her moods:

Neutral: Normal

Excited: Pastel Blue (hair), Purple (eyes)

Angry: Flaming Red, Red

Sad: Dark Blue, Grey

Nervous: Black with Green, Grey

Embarrassed: Yellow, Yellow, Animal Nose

(if you think I missed one tell me the emotion I will think of colours)


I understand if you think I'm copying or you don't like it just don't be mean about it.

I am doing a 'collab' with my friend but I don't know her Movella name yet but I will tell you when I do

Please tell me if you like it it's my first fan-fiction

Thank You


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