Tales on Halloween

�� Halloween Is A Time Of Fun, But Also A Time Of Fear ��

These are short tales of horror on Halloween. The first chapter being The Bowl of Candy. Don't let the title fool you, this is one creepy tale indeed.

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2. The Scarecrow Jack-o-lantern

Jaycee and Marline are two teenage girls on their way to a Halloween party. Jaycee is dressed up as a black cat, and Marline is dressed as a witch.

On their way along the path, they spot a creepy decoration that looked like a scarecrow with a Jack-o-lantern for a head. It was displayed outside the house holding a Jack-o-lantern bowl of candy corn by a hook.

Jaycee looks up at the scarecrow Jack-o-lantern, "What a lame idea. Some kid can fill their bag with all that candy."

Marline shrugged, "Well it is a clever decoration."

She scoffed, "Are you kidding? It's way too creepy and very ugly too." She continues to walk, "Are you coming or what?" Marline turns to catch up. The Jack-o-lantern head turns.

She sighed, "I don't get how you even go to these things when you absolutely hate anything creepy."

Jaycee replied, "I don't go to these things for the Halloween scare. I go for the boys. Duh, boys are everything."

Marline never really cared much for boys; all she cared about was having fun with her friends and getting through high school.

Jaycee seemed to have stopped walking. She turned to say something to her, but Jaycee was gagging on blood spilling out her throat. She screamed at the sight of what's happening right in front of her.

The Jack-o-lantern scarecrow had been gone from its post. It walked over, pulling out the blade stuck in the back of Jaycee's neck as Marline ran for her life.

She knocked on the door at the furthest house in great panic, "Someone please open the door!"

The owners opened the door and she bolted in. Heart thumping, trembling in fear, she demanded, "I-I-I need a phone!"

The man in overalls pointed to the nearest room, "Our daughter's bedroom would be best to have privacy." She sighed, "Thank you!"

Hurrying to the old light pink phone hanging by a cord, she picked up to dial for help. They asked her questions, just as any emergency service would.

She described what happened, and that there's someone dressed up with a Jack-o-lantern head trying to kill her.

When they asked where she is, she had no clue. She didn't think to look at what street they were in when walking to the Halloween party. Jaycee is the one to pay attention to these things. She only remembered the town.

The power cut out just before she could say anything else. Sitting alone in the dark, she listened. The owners screamed and collapsed to the floor by the slash of a blade.

All was silent. She sneaks around the bed, far from the door, waiting for the killer's footsteps, waiting for its shadow to turn up under the crack of the door just as any slasher film would have it.

She prepared herself with the only weapon she can find in the room, a tennis racket. There were no footsteps yet, but she was no fool to approach the door.

Maybe it left searching elsewhere, maybe it doesn't know where to look, or maybe...it knows and its waiting.

Her heart thumped like a drum in her ears. She screams by a pull out the window. With a garden glove gripping at her hair, the witch hat falls off.

It drags her out and hacks her body with the blade, letting blood spill on the daisies.

A little girl in a skeleton costume approached the Jack-o-lantern scarecrow standing with the bowl of candy corn, "Look mummy." She pointed, and her mother smiled, "Very nice."

As she walked, the little girl attempted to grab some from the bowl, but was too small to reach. The hook lowered the bowl to her level and she happily took some and said sweetly, "Thank you."

The scarecrow nodded. She caught up to her mother and then waved, and it waved back with its garden glove. Sitting in its pocket, was the bloodied blade.


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