Tales on Halloween

�� Halloween Is A Time Of Fun, But Also A Time Of Fear ��

These are short tales of horror on Halloween. The first chapter being The Bowl of Candy. Don't let the title fool you, this is one creepy tale indeed.

(Also Available on Wattpad)


1. The Bowl of Candy

Kathleen is a trusted to trick-or-treat on her own. Every year her mother warns her to never take candy from anyone out on the street, only go to houses lit up with Halloween décor.


She wandered from house to house in her little stitched up Sally costume from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a favourite film of hers.


She took a different route this time. The only house down the end of the street was sure spooky. It had skeletons hanging from the leafless tree, and only one carved pumpkin next to the steps. The house didn't have many decorations like the others.


She knocked on the door and said, "Trick-or-treat!" There was no answer, and no sound of anyone approaching the door. She tried to peek in through the window but it was too dark to see.


With no luck, she sighed, having to turn back. The door creaked open like a typical horror. She stopped to look back; no one stood there, it was all just dark inside.


She crept up the step, "H-hello?" She said with a shaky voice. A spotlight hit a bowl of candy in the middle of the room. She hesitated to go in and grab some, although something didn't feel right.


That bad feeling made her stay put. Her mother warned her to never enter anyone's house. If no one is willing to give her candy by hand, she might as well turn back now and go home.


And just as she was, an old friend of hers turned up, "Kathleen?" It was Abigail dressed as a fairy princess. She looked passed her head to see the bowl of candy, "Oh boy! Look at the jackpot!" She scurried in with utter joy.


Kathleen watched as she took a handful into her bag and whispered, quivering, "Abigail..." She continued to put more in, completely ignoring her.


The door slammed shut. Abigail looked back, "Kathleen?" She took up her bag and ran to the door, trying to open it, "Open the door, this isn't funny Kathleen!"


Something slithered out from inside the candy bowl. She continues to bang at the door, "Kathleen!" She squealed. The door would not budge, she was stuck inside the house.


She stepped away from the door as something stroked her back like many legs crawling. She froze in hope it's not a big spider. She squeezed her eyes shut and whimpered, shaking it off.


As she turned around to see what it was, her heart dropped. It's something far worse than a spider. A slither of tentacles whipped around and pulled her into the candy bowl. She screamed her last.


On the other side of the door, Kathleen banged on the door, rattling the knob, "Abigail!" The door swung open and tentacles from inside the bowl, attacked. She pulled the door shut and ran away, squealing.


The police couldn't find any trace of Abigail. They searched the house with absolutely nothing, not even the bowl of candy. It was like Kathleen made the whole thing up. The house is clear, and no one ever lived in it. There were no fingerprints, no evidence of anyone being there.


What they found on the tree, weren't decorations, but were the hanging bodies of missing children. And as for the carved pumpkin, there's still no knowing of who lights it every Halloween.




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