The vampire boyfriend


2. Present Day 2015

"Hey ky, guess what!" My friend yelled behind me. "What?" I asked as she was catching up to me. " there's a new guy" she answered. "Well?, I said "spill." " okay well, he's hot and his name is Luke Jakobson," she started "oh,did you meet him yet?" I asked "no" Alex answered.

After my 1st hour class I was walking to my locker I sorta wanna meet this Luke guy, he sounds kinda cool,and mysterious. I thought then suddenly I fell to the floor and so did a boy. "Hey watch..." I trailed off "I'm so sorry!" The boy exclaimed while picking up my textbooks "no uh... It's ok" I grabbed his hand before he got to get another textbook off the floor. "I'm Kylie Kingston, you must be Luke Jakobson?" I ask "ya, I am, it's nice to meet you and I'm really sorry..." He said shyly. There was something about him that made my stomach flip. "If it's ok I'd like to take you to lunch later... If it's ok with you?" He asked "sure"

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