Free Verse-ish

Let it be known, I hate writing free-verse with a burning passion. But, when a poem calls, I must write it. This is a collection of such poems.

(Rating for eventual language.)


22. I've Had a Rough Day

You may tire of me

And you may think

Me a waste; I will

Usually agree with

You, but not today.

Today, I am weaker

Than I wish to be,

And today I am

Uncertain on who

I want to be.

I haven't a heart to

Shatter, but that's not

On you. I left the broken

Pieces in a town I once

Knew. I left it all because

I was this frail, and you

Never stopped to ask

What left me in such a

State. It was no one's

Mistake. No one could

Care- not even me- so

Don't worry now that

I am so weak. Just

Let me hold myself

In as little regard as

I have left. I won't ask

For anything else.

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