Free Verse-ish

Let it be known, I hate writing free-verse with a burning passion. But, when a poem calls, I must write it. This is a collection of such poems.

(Rating for eventual language.)


5. Cinco


Life will require you to be the villain

Of your own story

And all you will have is your

Bankrupt morals

Worth less than the effort

It took to forge them.

And when you're

Held accountable

For so many wicked things

You don't recall,

It will be those same

Worthless morals

That hold your hand

As they attack with things

Much worse than weapons

And crueler than torture.


Where will you go

After all this is done?

When life has tarnished your

Oh so pretty smile

And no one remembers your good name?


Will your morals hold

When you can no longer

Carry them?

What will be the price of your


Your loyalty?

Your trust

In what you believe is right-

Will it be shattered?


There will

Be a time when this life

Will twist you into the villain;

When every move you make

Will be wrong,

And everything you say

Will turn foul.

Will you don their devil horns

And speak with words

Full of a malice

You never held?

Or will you turn to

Those morals of yours,

Those worthless morals?

Will you ask them to carry

You further than you

Could go on your on?

Will they?

What hope will you have

Left after they have shattered

What they've seen?

When you are


As something lower

Than a monster,

What hope will you have?


What hope will you have?

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