The love that we got...

When Lauren (played by Tori Webster) goes to visit her grandmas in Los Angeles and has to leave her best friends behind for the first time in a long time for the summer she ends up finding herself she ends up meeting Blake Thomas as just a regular guy but truth is his family is loaded people but he doesn't care about money but people known him as being rude and always starting fights but is it true and that's not all as Blake's start's a crew to enter in the world's biggest dance competition will he make it. This story does contains sex scenes do i suggest if you don't think you can handle it don't read but this story is full of love and care and is a heart felt story.


1. Summer Vacation!!!

My name is Lauren Today is the last day of school but I'm not going today is the day where I go to Los Angeles to stay with my grandparents for the whole summer I love my Nana and papa i really do but i just don't feel really good with being with out my girls for the whole summer plus i could be at slamming parties with a my best friend. I hear my dad call my name to tell me it's time to go I grab my phone and my small bag that almost looks like a purse but isn't it's more like a small book bag but anyway i head downstairs with all my stuff we ended up putting everything in the back of the truck and headed our way to the airport.


We got to Los Angeles it was 3:00 PM of course it was a different time zone though. My grandma came and pick us up on our way there i was texting Maria i was really upset that I wasn't getting to spend my birthday with her this year this is going to be our first birthday apart I'm only five days older than her and my is on June 12th we got to my nana's and papa's house it was six bedroom house plus a pool on the inside and outside just in case it winter but you still want to go swimming they have a huge kitchen like MEGA BIG!!! it was so gorgeous one of my favorite things about staying with my grandma is that we have girl time and it's amazing 

It was now 4:00 and my nana had to run a few errors so i went with her to explore L.A plus i didn't see her in a really long time went we got to our first stop it looked like a studio a dance studio we parked the car got out went inside it was amazing then something caught my eye or should i say someone my nana saw me and giggled "he's a sweet guy" my nana "hello Mrs city" the handsome guy says "hello Blake i just came to show my grand daughter where the magic happens" my nana says then he looked at me and for a second i swore the whole world just stopped.

Blake P.O.V 

My name is Blake I wake up this morning to go to this meeting with my manager about my new album and it went pretty well i went to the dance studio and because i teach there when I saw Mrs City and this beautiful girl who had blonde hair with blue/hazel eyes it looked like who could change colors she was wearing a nice v-neck white long sleeve shirt that shows her stomach just a little bit she was wearing blue camo skinny jeans with white  converses the whole was showing her curves perfectly she was so fine. When I looked at her i swear time froze I'm not going to lie I've always been the kind of guy who couldn't settle down who couldn't be tied down by just one girl there's a reason for that and you'll find out later

"you dance" I asked the beautiful blonde "Kinda" she said to me smiling " I'm teaching a class now if you want to stick around" I said hoping she would " can I nana" she looked at Mrs City "go ahead sweetie I'll be back to pick you up for dinner around 6:30 love you" Mrs City said to the beautiful blonde and kissed her on the cheek 

Lauren P.O.V

So after my nana left there was people coming in they looked my age i came out of my thoughts when someone taped me on my shoulder "I never got your name" the handsome boy said "it's Lauren and yours!?" " I'm Blake say Lauren you wanna dance with me" Blake asked "sure why not" I said smiling at him "alright guys we have a new member why don't you introduce yourself" Blake said "my name's Lauren and um I'm only here for today I noticed some of the guys starring, a couple of them drooling their was other girls smiling and waving then there was this one girl she was very pretty but she was giving me the evil eye i just brushed it off I didn't really care honestly what I cared about was why was Blake getting upset and this other starring at me I mean he was pretty cute but he wasn't Blake besides Blake probably has a girlfriend anyway.

so we started dancing and everybody had a partner except me so I just danced with him. "your amazing" Blake tells me I just blushed that girl was giving me the evil eye again I'm not going to lie it was starting to bother me because first off she don't even know my name for her to giving me the steak eye. Blake pulled me close took his hand put it on my lower back and the squeezed my ass I decided to take the chance to flirt my ass off "why don't you keep it there" and then i moved his hand to my ass again good thing everybody was doing the steps "you want me to" he asked me I just winked he put his hand back there squeezing it every 30 seconds it was now 6:30 i saw my nana walk into the door everybody left early so it was just me and blake for about 20 minutes until my grandmother came I grab my stuff and stood my granny "thanks Blake for a wonderful time" "no problem I hope to see you again soon" Blake said smiling "Blake you could join us for dinner if you want" my nana says i got really happy but i didn't show it. " yeah I would really like that" he winked at me and i just giggled.






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