Just Perfect

Alaina Collins is forced to go on a trip with her family and her enemies family - Luke Hemmings
What happens when all of them go on a trip together ? Will they feel the same about each other ? Or not ?


1. A Trip? WITH LUKE?!


I walked downstairs to see Luke Hemmings parents and my parents gathered 'round a table looking at something on their laptop . Luke was sitting on the couch in our huge TV area on his phone smiling at something, They are always here! Why did our parents have to be such great friends! Luke and I hated each other so much it wasn't even funny anymore! He was a complete idiot and he had no common sense what so ever.

"LUKE! ALAINA!" I heard our parents call and I walked over to them,Luke not moving a muscle

"LUCAS!"Luke's mom yelled and he slowly got up and shut his phone off

"Yea ?" We both said and I rolled my eyes

"Pack your bags! We're going to California!"My mom said and smiled widely

"Um. No" Luke said and pointed at me

"WAIT WE ARE GOING TOGETHER!"I yelled and they nodded

"NO!" I yelled and so did Luke. God he is so annoying

"Mom! Thats so unfair you are making me go with HIM!" I said and made the him sound like I was disgusted. She nodded and got her serious face on."OH COME ON!" I yelled and Luke sat on a bar stool facing our parents

"We leave in 2 hours ! Get packed !" they said and I groaned

"UGH FINE!" I yelled ran up the stairs. I heard Luke whine and walk out the door. I angrily pulled out a suitcase from my walk in closet and pulled a bunch of clothes from my closet and drawers and throw them on the bed . I packed them neatly and put a pair of flip flops and sandals in on top. I found my kit and put a bunch of toiletries in and put that in then zipped it shut. Then I took out a side bag and put oil removing wipes, sanitizer, sunglasses and headphones and my charger. I then decided to take a shower

I put on jean shorts and high top creme colored converse, a creme flowy tank top and a few bracelets. Then I brushed my dark brown straight hair and put it in a high ponytail once it dried. I grabbed my black lacrosse varsity jacket which had "COLLINS" On the back in white letters and put that on. It is really cold on airplanes so why not. I heard the doorbell ring and saw Luke's mom at the door with their minivan ready to drive us to the airport . I put my bags in the trunk and grabbed my side bag from the counter and then my phone and out my phone in my jacket pocket .

"Ali you sit in the back with Luke honey"Liz Luke's mom said and I frowned and then got in the back with Luke . I was a nice girl, I listened to people I got good grades but when it comes to Luke it's not good.

This was going to be a very interesting trip.

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