I knew more about her for never having spoken to her. We didn't need to. Because the way she looked at me sometimes, that said it all. She wanted me. She didn't mind that I'd stop by her apartment late, or that I'd watch her sleep, buried under her gray blanket, while the stars strung around her room blinked on and off to the rhythm of her breathing.


18. Avery

That night my dream was full of blood, a gasping breath—mine.

And then there was Adam.

He was kneeling with his hands on my neck, pressing firmly. Whispering to me. Telling me how sorry he was.

Because I was dying.

In the middle of Hannigan Park.


I woke with a start, the room around me blinking in and out of focus. Light, then dark. The walls, dresser and door were there, and then they were gone. It took me a moment to remember that I was in my bedroom, and the stars strung up above me were the reason for the visual disruption.

I shut my eyes tightly, then opened them.

Beside me, my phone lit up.

It was a text from a number I didn't recognize.

Two words that left me cold.

New Text From: Unknown at 11:00PM.

Help me.

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