I knew more about her for never having spoken to her. We didn't need to. Because the way she looked at me sometimes, that said it all. She wanted me. She didn't mind that I'd stop by her apartment late, or that I'd watch her sleep, buried under her gray blanket, while the stars strung around her room blinked on and off to the rhythm of her breathing.


7. Adam

I hadn't meant to kill Alexa Warren. She got in my way last night, and I'd grown angry. Also, I hadn't been the one stalking her, but someone was. And I was being truthful (if you can believe that) when I said I didn't know her name.



Someone was talking to me, but it wasn't Avery.

Idiot. You screwed up. They're going to know it was you. You have to fix this.

I shut my eyes, thinking it would make the voice go away. It never did. But then there was a new voice, under the one that was berating me.

A girl.


Asking me if I needed help.

I shook my head, stood up, and with the dizzy feeling settling inside my brain, I staggered out of the shop.

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