The Truth About Hedwig

We all know that Hedwig is Harry Potters owl, but who is really Hedwig.


7. The Forbidden Forest

The next day was a normal day.

I was going to go to bed but then I looked out the window and I saw something.

There was a black hooded figure moving in the Forbidden Forest.

When I was a kid in Hogwarts I loved to investigate odd things that I saw so I flew out the window and flew through the forest following the black hooded figure.

I saw the black hooded figure stop and I saw something that was shocking.

There was a dead unicorn on the ground and the black hooded figure was eating it's blood.

And then Harry was in the forest and the black hooded figure was about to attack him.

This must be what Dumbeldore was talking about when I needed to protect Harry.

Harry is probably in the Forbidden Forest because of a punishment for something he did.

Anyways, I dove down into the forest and attacked the black hooded figure with my claws, ripping some of its hood.

" Good job Hedwig " Harry called out.

Then out of the forest trees appeared a centaur and it attacked the black hooded figure and the black hooded figure ran away.

I landed on Harry's shoulder and then Hagrid came along with Ron and Draco.

" What happened here " Hagrid said.

" A black cloaked man attacked me but Hedwig and this centaur saved me " Harry said.

Hagrid didn't want other dangerous things to attack us so he escorted us back to Hogwarts.

Instead of myself sleeping in the Owl Emporium I slept in Harry's room.

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