The Truth About Hedwig

We all know that Hedwig is Harry Potters owl, but who is really Hedwig.


4. Privet Drive

Hedwigs P.O.V.

Hey guys!

As you know Hagrid carried out Dumbeldores plan for buying me to protect Mr. Potter.

I actually don't know from who I'm going to protect Harry from.

I didn't get to ask Dumbeldore that question.

What is Dumbeldore afraid of???

I mean it's not like HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED is returning, right.

Anyways lets get back on topic.

Being an owl animagus is very hard.

I'm trapped in a small cage which smells like garbage because of the owl food.


And Harry lets out a few farts and I smell it from across the room.

And I can here the boys Uncle snoring through the walls.

So yeah, it's a rough life.

At least soon I'm going to Hogwarts with Harry.

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