The Truth About Hedwig

We all know that Hedwig is Harry Potters owl, but who is really Hedwig.


5. Hogwarts Express


It's September first and that means... We're going to Hogwarts.

Harry packed on a cart he got from his Uncle his clothes, books, wand, and of course me and my cage.

At Kings Cross Station Harry didn't know how to get to platform 9 3/4.

It was pretty funny watching a novice searching for the train.

Then he met a nice family who told him to get in.

Once we were on the train, Harry sat with a boy named Ron.

And a few hours into the train ride I felt something on my back.

I looked at my back and saw a toad.

" Trevor" some kid named Neville called out.

He grabbed the toad from my back and went back to his train compartment.

Since I wasn't at Privet Drive and there were no snoring I was able to get some sleep.

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