The Truth About Hedwig

We all know that Hedwig is Harry Potters owl, but who is really Hedwig.


1. The Protector

Sorry readers for any mistakes.

I hope you like the book.

* Privet Drive, after Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, and Hagrid delivered Harry to the Dursleys. Mcgonagall had already left.

"Hagrid," Dumbledore yelled out as Hagrid was about to leave.

"Yes Dumbledore" Hagrid replied.

"When the boy grows up to be 11 and you take him to Diagon Alley, I will make sure that there will be a snowy owl in the pet store.

Buy Harry Potter that owl.

It is an animagus to protect him.

He is a man disguised as a female owl.

Now bye Hagrid." Dumbledore said as he apparated and was now gone.

Hagrid got on his flying motorbike and flew away.

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