Falling for the Enemy

When Ember Matthews found out she was getting transferred to Hogwarts to finish her lessons she knew she was going to stand out her rainbow eyes and extrodinary beauty always drew attention thats why her parents sent her to an all girls school so when terror struck and a strange attack on her school forced her and her classmates to attend hogwarts the remainder of their lessons for the semester she was ready for the questions and weird stares but some things no one can be ready for.


3. Dates and Detention

I woke up and got dressed left my hair down with some blue in it:

I walked out to the common room and found Hannah on the couch wearing a red leather skirt and tank she had her hair in a messy bun "she was reading the book i had checked out  "hey morning" Hannah nice outfit but your missing something" I waved my hand and red streaks appeared "there much better ready to go":

"yeah but Ember theres a bunch of pages ripped from thisbook" "really?" I took the booke and looked through it nd there were numerous pages missing "thats weird we need to find Hermione "lets go" we walked out of the common room we were talking when I ran into someone "oh i'm sorry" I looked up and saw george standing there Hanna looked at me "im going to go ahead" she said walking away smirking "hey no problem how are you liking Hogwarts?" "i love it actully i may make this a permenant thing" "really i would love that" I smiled at him "you have a beautiful smile" "thanks" "actually im glad i found you" "nd why is that?" "i would like to take you to dinner if thats ok?" I smiled "i would love to" "great ill come by your common room about 8?" "thats perfect" "great see you then" "looking forward to it" he waved and walked away i started headig to the great hall until i was stopped again "hey you freaky eyes" "i have a name its Ember what do you want Malfoy" "i decided to forgive you for your pranks on me" "great" i said as sarcastic as i could i went to walk away he grabbed my shoulder and turned me around "on one condition you see i like you your hot other than those freaky eyes but how about you drop thos pathetic losers you see i realize you have quiet a bit of power in you i like that you  potiential" "for what?" "dont worry about that but you should hang out with us we have money power ad we rule this school so drop those losers and hang with us" "you know Malfoy you play a good hand but im not making bets those losers are real they care about each other and help each other out you see im not about power and money i could careless i care about who treats me how i deserve now i have to get back to my 'freaks'" i turned to walk away and he pushed me against the wall "you know you want me, you cant resist me" he was inches from my face I smirked and pushed myself off the wall i slowly walked him backwards "your right Malfoy i want you, i need you i want to kiss every inch of you touching my body pressing up against me kissing every inch of my body and taking you all in" by this poit he was pinned  and i leaned in and put my knee between his and i felt his buldge i smirked and leaned in like i was going to kiss him and then i kneed him right in the bullseye he dropped to the floor instantly "shove off Malfoy i would never be yours" I walked away when i got to the great hall Hanna ran over to me "i was getting worried where were you?" "well after talking to Georgere Malfoy showed his face i had to deal with him" "ohhh where is Draco"probably crying to his momma i kneed him in the balls so hard to make it better he had a hard on so i think thats a win for me" Hanna laughed "so what did george say?" "well he wants to take me out tonight and i told him yes hes getting me at 8" "oh my thats so exciting!!!" "morning girls" "ah Hermione just the girl i needed to talk to" "how can i help?" "well ive been doing some research on my eyes and i found this book  thres some pages missing though so what do you know about a Fiery Witch?" "huh?" I pulled the book out of my bag "this" "oh ok you were pronouncing it wrong as in   its pronounched Faiery or in blan terms its another way to say fairy its just spelled differently and i do not know a lot the book is missing a lot of pages i tryed looking at it awhile back but gave up but i do know that they have another copy in the restricted section that has a ton more info then this book this ones a shorter version" "great lets go to the library and check it out" "only problem is students arent allowed in the restricted section its for professors only" "theres got to be a way" "there is Feiry Witches have numerous powers which is why they rare so powerful its why everyone wants to get thier hands on them they can be transitioned to different sides between good and evil if we can figure out how to trigger those powers you can use invisability to get the book its the safest way because if yu get caught you can get into a lot of trouble im talking detention for a week trouble" "i have to get that book" "well why dont i just lend you my fathers invisability cloak its in my trunk in my room"noshe cant its to risky she needs to learn the invisability spell t its best because it can concel everything and everything will act as though she isnt invisble" "ive got to get that book have so many questions that need answered Harry can i borrow your cloak tonight?" "yeah sure ill give it to George and he can give it to you when you go on your date" "ok thanks" "Ember this isnt a good idea you can get into a lot of trouble" "its a risk im willing to take i have to know more about who i am" "i seriously think you should think this through i mean it wont be hard to learn a simple spell" "i have to do this" I got up and left the hall i walked to the library i needed to see where the restricted sectionn was i got to the library and walked down the different asles then i herd voices "well is it her?" "yes it is im 100 percent sure" "aww perfect shes just what we need" i did't recognize either of the voices but they were defintly up to something and that something was about oui knew it was and i had to figure out who they are and what their wanting i needed to talk to Hermione and the gang and tell them what i learned i ran out of the library and down to the great hall where they were still sitting "guys youll never know what i just herd" "what?" "i herd two voices in the library i couldnt make them out but they were talking about me and neededing me and how im exactly what they need" Hermione gaseped "no it cant be could it?" she said loking at Harry "i don't know Hermione i thought i rid of him" "yeah but look how many times he's returned its not like it would have been the first time" "huh?" "voldemort he's been after Harry for years he may be wanting you for bait" "me but why me?" "remember your extremly powerful and you can be turned good or evil it depends who gets ahold of you and how they turn you thats what makes yo uso vulerable is you can be easily manipulated by good or evil" "i have got to get this book tonight but first i need to get an outfit for tonight you guys want to go to Hogsmeid with me?" "well i certinatly cant i have a study date" " no you dont" ron said with a scuff Hermione glared at him "As a matter fact Ronld i do have a date with Cormac Mclaggen now if you dont mind i have to go meet him in the library" she stormed off "ok then Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hanna you guys down?" they all shook their heads great lets go then" we flooed to Hogsmaied and started looking around the boys drifted off to the candy store "so where is my brother taking you tonight?" "you know what Ginny come to think about it he didnt say" "how do you know what to wear then?" "i dont know" "why dont you ask him he's over there at the joke shop" "ok how do you know whos who?" "George usually stands on the left of fred and geroge is a tad taller" "ok thanks" i ran over to the joke shop "hey George" "Ember hey im really excited about tonight" "i am to so what are we doing so i know what to wear" "its a surprise but i can tell you to wear something comfortable nothing fancy just casual" "ok see you tonight" he kissed my cheek "until later princess" i couldnt help but to giggle he was so sweet" I ran back over to where Ginny and hanna were and picked out the cutest outfit for my date we walked back over to the joke shop where Harry and Ron had migrated "wow theres so much neat stuff in here this is like a pranksters jackpot" "you like it Ember?" "hey George and yes its awesome" "want me to show you around?" "would i" "mind if i steal her guys?" they all shook their heads no "great" he took my hand and lead me around "well this is the first level its where the potions are" "potions?" "yes love potians, invisablity potions, color changing potions any kind of trick potion yo ucan think of" he then led me to the second floor "this is where the classics are the puking pasties and loads more then on the very top floor i have all the nick knakes you could ever play with" "wow this place is great wish we had something like this Hogwarts just keeps getting better and better i may stay here" "you know that would be fantastic" I smiled "well i have to go I need to go get ready for out date" "i cnt wait" "neither can I" he kissed my hand "i will see you in 3 hours" "see you in three hours" I smiled and walked away over to where Hanna and Ginny were "so how bout we head back to the castle and watch the quidditch game ive never seen one before and im intrested" "your only intrested because my brother is a beater" "no i honestly didnt even know that but still want to go" "ok yeah Ron and Harry play as well Rons a keeper and Harry is seeker we usualy go" "sweet lets go find Hermione and go"  we got back to the castle and Hermione was sitting in the great hall with a blonde boy "hey Hermione" "hey Ember how was shopping?" "it was good found the perfect outfit" "whos this Hermione" "ph sorry Hanna this is Cormac Mclaggen he's a chaser on the quidditch team Cormac this is Ember and Hanna" "yes your the ones who's school got destroyed Hermione talks highley of you its nice to meet you" "nice to meet you to" "sorry to run but i must go get ready for the quidditch match" "ok see you" he kissed Hermiones cheek "See you in the stands" "ok bye" "nice meeting you guys" he walked away "wow Hermione he' a cutie way to go" "well we arent together i wish we were but he hasnt asked me yet" "well why don't you make the move on him" "well i'm not very good at it honestly i get nervous" "thats because you like him duh" "yeah i like him a lot he's funny, he's sweet. he's smart and handsome" "oh please" I looked over at Ron "Ron?" "Cormac is a loser i mean come on what kind of name is Cormac sounds like some kind of gross pasta dish" "looks like someone has a green monster" "what are you blabbing about?" he said shooting me a glare "your jealouse of Cormac" "am not" "yeah sure" "im not" he stormned off Harry stood there awkwardly "Well better be off to get ready for quiddich bye"  he ran off in a hurry "just ignore Ron Hermione he's just jealouse like Ember said" "thanks Hanna" "now lets go watch this game who are they playing?" "they are playing Slytherin" "Sweet lets go" we all headed off to the quidditch field i saw George leaning against the entry way talking to Cormac "ill be there in a sec" "ok save ya a seat" "hey george good luck i'll be in the stands" h smiled "thanks i'll make sure to play extra good for you" I smiled and headed towards the  bleachers when someone stepped in front of me "excuse me Draco your in my way" "don't try to hide it you have a thing for me and you know it" "no i wouldnt touch you with a 6 ft metal pole" i waled around him he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to his face ill admit he had some gorgeouse eyes and he was a very attractive guy his ivory skin looked so soft to the touch his grey eyes were like cloiuds in the midnight sky the way his hair was perfectly styled he really was a very attractive guy ont he outside that is on the inside he was an ugly asshole who had a heart of stone it was so cold and full of hatred "draco let go of me" "or what?" "i mean it draco" "how about a good luck kiss" "hell no i'l pass" he then pinned me against the wall and got closer then his lips crashed into mine they were so soft and tasted like cool mint he pulled away with a smirk I hesitated then SLAP right across his face leaving a hand print clear as day i stormned off to the bleachers and found the girls "hey Ember you ok?" "yes just very angry and disgusted" "why what happened?" "draco kissed me" "seriously wow he has nerve" "right i left him a decent handprint as a souviner" "good serves him right he's a foul git that no one likes" i herd a whistle blow and all the players fled onto the field i saw george and waved he waved back th whistle bloew and i saw 4 balls fly into the air "so what are the different balls?" "well the big one that you see the chasers throwing around is the quaffle its used to score points by throwing them into the opponets rings the two on the side are worth 5 points the big one in middle is worth 10 and then those two small brown ones flying around are the bludgers the beaters hit those at the opponents to slow them down beaters also protect their chaser and seeker from bludgers then that tiny gold ball you see Harry and Draco chasing is the snitch the seekers have to catch the snitch when they do they get 100 points and win the game the points also go towards the house cups" "wow so many jobs and balls sounds like a lot of fun" "yes fun but dangerous" "oh bah hanna and i arent afraid of it we love danger" "yes it gives you adrenaline which is the best feeling in the world" "you guys are definitly strange" "ah just rare" theylaughed the game was over Gryffindore won" i screamed and clapped the students were chanting and cheering i really loved hogwarts it was really a great school we exited the stands and i startd looking for George and found him talking to Ginny "great game Fred,George, Harry, Ron, Cormac you guys did great" "thanks Ember" Ginny, Hermione, Harry, Fred and the rest of the gang walked way leavin me and George alone "well i better hit the showers and get ready our date is in an hour" "right me to see you in an hour" i ran off towards the castle i was so excited i grabbed a shower and threw on my new outfit:

I walked out to the common room to George sitting on the couch talking to Hanna  she looked up at me "wow" George turned to face my way he stood up "wow Ember you look amazing are you ready for our date?" "boy am i" he laughed well then lets go" he led me out the door "so what are we doing?" "well im  bit of a romantic so i have planned the perfect date" we walked outside and across the bridge "where are we going?" "you'll see" he grabbed my hnd and led me down the path we stopped at the black lake and under a willow tree there was a blanket laid out with candles and a basket with wine and flowers but not just any flowers rainbow roses "wow George this is amazing" he wlked me to the blanket and we sat down he pulled two glasses out of thebasket and poured the wine "so i figured we could drink some wine and get to know each other seeing as though you ate right before hand i figured you wouldt be hungary but i do hav snacks" he pulled out fruit chocolate pretzels and chips and peanuts "that sounds amazing and these roses are just gorgeous ive never seen rainbow roses" "well they are extremly rare and one of a kind just like you" "well they are beautiful" "as are you" I smiled "so tell me about your family your other school where are you from all that good stuff" "well im from the united states i came from tennessee my school is in france its an all girls school no testosterone it was horrible" "sounds like it so no boyfriends back home?" "nope ive always scared boys away" "why?" "my eyes freaked them out" "Well thats a shame because you have absolutly beautiful eyes the way the sparkle its mezmerizing" "yeah and a lot of my friends were only friends with me because my dad was a lawyer and we came from a lot of wealth they never liked me for me it was only for my money" "wow thats not cool at all" "yeah they think hey shes got money lets be her friend"  "well i think your amazing wether you have money or not" "thanks its nice to hear someone appreciates me for me" "so what are you into?" "anthing outdorsey i love horse bck riding, hiking, four wheeling, dirt biking, swimming, mudding and bon fires" "wow" "ywh im not into the indoorsy cheesy stuff ilive for adventure!" "i can tell" "speaking of adventure lets go swimming" "buti didnt bring any trunks" "who needs swimwear" i took off my shirt and pants nd dived into the lake in my hot pink bra and matching underware i came out of the water and saw George sitting there "come on the water feels amazing" he grinned and got down to his boxers and dived in after me we splashed and laughed dunkig each other we came out of the water i looke dup into the sky "wow the moon is beautiful" "yes it is" I noticed he was looking at me and not the moon "hey can i do something" "sure what" he pulled me close and pulled me into a kiss a deep passionate kiss and i eagerly kissed back when we pulled away he sighed "wow ive been wanting to do that for awhile now" i grinned and kissed him again "we better head back" "your right but i had an amazing night" "me to" we got out put our clothes on cleaned up with  flick of the wand and headed back holding hands when we got outside my common room i looked at George "thanks i had an amazing time" he pulled me into another kiss "can i make you mine officially?" I smiled "yes you can" i smiled and threw my arms around him and kissed him hard "good night George" "night Ember" I walked into the common room closing the door "bout time your soaked what happened?" "oh hi Hanna the date was fantastic wine snacks and a lte night swim finishing it all off with a romantic kiss" "wow so you guys an item now?" "yes i think we are" "great! now another matter George bought the cloak ready o go get that book?" "am i ever" "good im going to with both of us it will be quicker and easier to find" "ok lets go"we threw the cloak over our heads and headed to the library once there we found the restricted section "uh its locked" "theres a spell Hermione was telling me about ummmm oh alohamora" with that the lock popped off we got in and shut the gate took the cloak off and looked "look Ember i found it" i ran over to her "your awesome" "i'll take that" we froze at the creepy voice and slowly turned to see professor snape "uh evening professor" "what my i ask are you doing in the restricted section after hours?" "well, well you see" "save it follow me" we followed him to his office "im appaled you girls would be out im afraid detention will be in your future my class tomorrow evening" "but professor" "no buts off to bed" we walked back to our rooms "ive never had detention before" i sid climbing out of the shower "on the bright side ill be there" "true" i laid in bed "night hanna" "night"


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