My Melody

This is story is about a girl who has a secret that no one even the her headmistress doesn't know about the dark secret that will appear in the story later. What is this dark secret that she hides?


11. The truth has spoken

I was really surprised that George knew what I became, so I asked "How did you know?" He smirked and whispered in my ear "because I know a monster when I see one," I was stunned but never knew that he was going to kill me until now. He jabbed a knife in me, when I fell to my knees, Pedro saw that I was "dead" but I wasn't, I was faking it. When I went into the nurse's office to get help but there was no one in there, when I tried to go to the hospital, I collapsed in the middle of the sidewalk, two guys came running and saw that I was bleeding and unconscious, so they called the ambulance, they saw the knife so they took it out then I started to moan in pain.

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